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Hi …I.m following the course using an app on my android mobi. Somebody said you can slow mo the vids.I only get x1 and x2. Am i missing some sneaky trick to get to say 0.75 or 0.5 speed playbk. Thnks …

Mark, are you talking about the JustinGuitar app or the lessons from the JustinGuitar website? What app are you using on the android mobi?

Hi …Justin guitar app… the paid for one Doing the lessons on my android mobile. Cheers…

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Hi Mark,
You can’t slow down the app video.
However the same video on JustinGuitar website there is the possibility to slow it down. Good luck.


@HarryToon @ToniMacaroni

Thanks for clarifying Harry and your answer Ton (as a non-App user I couldn’t have answered).

Harry, in addition to being able to slow down lesson videos, it is also a good idea to make the JG Website your go-to for consuming the lessons, since the text provided adds additional material to aid learning. I also think (not 100% certain) that the lesson videos on the website may be different to on the app.

For the songs on the app, I was under the impression that you can set the tempo, bringing the BPM down when starting to learn a new song on the App. Again, and I apologise for my limited knowledge of the App, I may be incorrect.

In connection with songs on the app you can definitely slow down the bpm although it does seem that there is certain fixed bpm for each song that you can reduce it to


Thanks Michael :medal_military: