VincentC guitar learning log

Roger picked up on important topic, most famous artist is well know due to their individuality and style. I think you are on the right track be become your own “style”, what is great about it, you have still plenty of time to figure this out :star:.


Yup. Actually I just need to be myself :Dab:


Daily Repertoire #008

Going to get a set of new strings and setup next Saturday. Have been dealing with high action and the buzzing sound for a month =(

Tried a custom Taylor guitar at the local guitar shop yesterday night. A typical ̶m̶a̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶o̶d̶ grand auditorium similar to my current one, just one grade better. Comfortable, soothing, balance tone and extremely playable, these qualities allow me to express myself freely :sparkling_heart:


Perhaps a visit at the local luthier could help? Unless you are familiar with adjusting thrust rod :slight_smile:.

Your ease of play and level of technicality is overwhelming :clap:. When I play it looks like fighting for my own life :laughing:.

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True. I struggled a lot when I started playing finger-style (simplify Canon in D). So I play the song and only that song every day x) Right now I would spend my every early morning playing the same songs in my bag.

Ha I will let the luthier do the magic. And need to fix the electronics too.


Daily Repertoire #009

Cant give excuses to myself, there are a lot of aspects that could be work on; would say more control (over volume) and more precision is the key

A great thank you to my luthier for the wonderful setup. Action is pretty low and really comfortable. And the amazing ToneWoodAmp hehe

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After some eye-opening discussion, I would appreciate the effort of my luthier in my guitar setup more than ever :sparkling_heart: Low action not only makes me comfortable in reaching the notes I need, as well as better intonation overall

The only downside, my Taylor is a bit heavy, due to the addition of ToneWoodAmp =) And probably would be more heavier in the future if I decide to add additional pickups for the percussive effects :dab:

It sounded great, a pleasure to listen.

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Wow, very cool stuff Vincent!

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Daily Repertoire #010

I tried to control myself from moving too much and involuntarily tapping my foot :rofl: This is how I actually practice every day. The same old song, standing up/moving around like an idiot (haha), play along with the original track on speaker (it is muted in this case), just really inspiring and motivating =)

If I were to perform at stage probably I would stand up, so I shall slowly refine my showmanship :heart: Have to practice sitting down from time to time, because I usually sit down to perform casually to friends, or just don’t have the strap at the moment.


Absolutely brilliant, well done Vincent!

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Daily Repertoire #011

Okay. Now a piece of cloth beneath so my foot stepping does not make noise :joy: The only thing I could do to improve is to move to a better place… the noise was the door opening by neighbour :sob: :sob: And will work hard to improve my socioeconomic position, which in turns motivates and makes me perform better =)


Daily Repertoire #012

My stamina dries up at the end… haha. (a lot of retakes thou)
Figure out I need to mentally picture my fingering on the fret board every moment before hand, if my muscle memory is not quite there yet.

Okay will give it another try few days later. And slowly make my performance longer into a full song =)

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Okay. The problem came again :joy: This time I was going through one of my repertoire “Drifting” and I seemed to be hallucinating? Going into wrong section when I complete upon 3rd chorus.

Seems like I need to be paying mindful attention when the songs reaches the end.
*This issue never happen now for the first fingerstyle song I learn (and relearn recently), which is seven years ago. And I think I did face similar issue the first few months after I learn that song.


Daily Repertoire #013

I think I did badly this time haha. Read a book talking about customer experience, and figure out starting cool finish strong, and overall good flow (with some peak experience in between huhu) would give the best experience.

Somehow my mind is occupied towards the end, I just keep telling myself “I need to finish this song no matter what :joy:” Still too much thing to sort out both mentally and technically at the same moment, and some good old practices for the muscle memory would definitely help.


Would want to say when it comes down to endurance, the aim is not to be perfect but to provide the best experience as possible to the audience.

And the ability to make good split second judgement really matters, and I humbly think it is a result of conscious reflections on mistakes while practicing.


Daily Repertoire #014

Full “Drifting” performance ^.^ Well I am not as perfect as Andy in time feel and precision but I hope you like it =)
There are minor intonation issue, which could be solved by getting a full custom handmade guitar lol. A very high quality guitar is very inspiring and in turns help in practices and performances, ahem :upside_down_face:

PS. it is raining outside in Singapore :cloud_with_rain:


Amazing performance Vincent, always impressing.

As for the instrument, you already have a great guitar and I’m sure you can make it sound however you like if you look closer into editing. One thing would be to capture the ambient noise profile and take it down as much as possible without compromising too much sound details (it will always be a compromise).

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That was off the scale impressive, Vincent.

Sounds no different to people like Andy McGee etc though I don’t listen to this style of music often. And my ear is nowhere close to being well enough schooled to pick up the intonation issues you mentioned.

The only minor quibble from me would be your camera position. For most of the video the lower frets and headstock were out of shot. But there was room to rotate the camera slightly to exclude space to the side of the guitar body and bring the rest of the guitar into shot.

That doesn’t change the sound but would be good to see your left hand working its magic.

As for guitar quality, as @RadekSiechowicz said, your guitar sounds great. Eventually you may want to play live (as far as I am concered you are more than good enough in these recordings) then having electronics would help.

A few years ago I went to a workshop presented by a couple of guys who played this style. Both had pickups in their guitars. As I recall one was a mic inside the body and the other was some kind of fancy pickup (not your common or garden piezo) then those dual lines went to a pedal board with a variety of effects and paths, to feed sound to a stereo PA. Sound was incredible.

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Daily Repertoire #015

It was awesome! Got to play Froggy Bottom at local guitar shop. Wonderful experience indeed :sparkling_heart:

On some occasion I could not see the fretboard position well becoz of the lightning (it shines on the marker and I couldnt identify it in time :sweat_smile:) And the dim light surroundings makes me a bit uncomfortable to play, probably just need to get used to it?

It was a one-to-one session, made some mistakes while performing to the spokesperson, nevertheless she seems satisfied with my performance. It felt so different when I play to myself or facing the pc in the bedroom, and getting along with audience is definitely something I need to work on :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you everyone for tuning in =)