VincentC guitar learning log

Daily Repertoire #001

I was actually nervous. Ouch.
Guess recording myself every day is a good idea. To make performance less nervous and hopefully it will improve the recording quality for my next song =)

A continuation from the post below


Well Well Vincent,
I saw that video a while ago when you said you wanted this and then read that piecewritten by Lieven, and thought what does that guy get into :grimacing:,…
But I’m impressed :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:,… Super :sunglasses:
I’m really looking forward to how this will develop,…have fun with this :sunglasses:

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Thanks! :sparkling_heart: Never thought that slap harmonic would be that audible

After a few days I will have to play the same song again because I only have that much song in my bag. Guess that is what a repertoire meant to be :sweat_smile:

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Daily Repertoire #002

The song that has been always inspiring me and influencing the way I play guitar

One discovery. While I thought I made some mistakes, this thought itself actually affected the play afterwards. Ouch. Should have focused on the playing instead of the mistakes, if any, made.
And I should have remembered to take a deep breathe before recording, to be confidence (from Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking book) Double Ouch.


Daily Repertoire #003

Yay. Third song.

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Impressive playing, Vincent. Thanks for sharing

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Daily Repertoire #004

Struggled to play this song but I am glad I did it, despite mistakes in rhythmic and fingering…

I start to understand what most of us here struggle with while recording ourselves xD. I was trying to play the song “well”, instead of trying to get the details/feeling right like I usually did, since I have not yet fully automated either of my right hand or left hand. But I think there is some mindsets that would be helpful in performance at this stage (need to slowly figure out about this).

And of course the video recording and editing could be better. Since I bought a new phone with slightly better specs now. Yay.


Daily Repertoire #005

This time I am singing the cover song “Encounter” with my own voice. Sounds amateur haha
Definitely need more confidence to get myself out of “bedroom guitarist”. And I wish the camera angle is pointed to my guitar fret :sob:


Hey Vincent,

I thought you sounded great.

I like the goal of playing and posting daily. I’d follow you on TikTok but I don’t have one, lol! I’m 32 and TikTok was the first social media platform that I truly feel like came “after” my time.

Anyway, keep posting and I’ll keep listening. I’ve liked your song choices so far; you don’t often see Hatsune Miku covers around here so I’ve been pleasantly surprised by your posts.

Forgot to mention this. I don’t know if you use one already but when I had camera angle problems I ended up just buying a tripod from amazon. It was relatively cheap (15-25 dollars if I remember correctly) and now I have 0 issues with camera angles. Here’s mine to show you what I mean.

I just mount my phone and hit record. Works perfectly.


Thank you! Definitely need the tripod just like yours.
I am actually looking to relocate this year, hopefully will move to a nice place and get proper stands to keep the good music going =)

Daily Repertoire #006

Fixed my seat position and find myself a bit comfortable playing.
This recording reminds me how my difficult socio-economical position now, that actually affects my music quality, including the ones I made for YouTube. Thought of some Chinese New Year resolutions and hopefully it will help making things better.


Took a look at this recording, Vincent, sounds good and some fine playing. Keep on keeping on.

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Took a CNY break. Pretty rusty haha

Daily Repertoire #007

So sorry for the background noise :sob:

Pretty calm while recording this. Have more control over my emotion now, and would definitely aim for better body movement/expression in next song!


I have no idea how I managed to miss your log. Damn man, you are overwhelmingly good, true music prodigy in my humble opinion. Any inspirations from Sungha Jung? Some bits sounded very close to his recordings :slight_smile: .

Congrats again on this and previous entries, mind-blowing stuff.

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Thank you. And you are really a wonderful guy.

I draw inspiration from Sungha Jung’s first guitar hero Kotaro Oshio whom inspired by late Michael Hedges, ha!

Well I do not have the same socioeconomical advantages like Sung. What I want to do right now is to give my best, my real best to make great music for everyone =)

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I’m rather grumpy individual but thank you for kind words :laughing:.

Need to check it all out, thanks. On this topis, perhaps you will find it interesting (unless you already know about these artists).

Sungha Jung teacher

Brilliant Japanese guitarist

This guy is just from a different world

Hi Vincent,
You sometimes make special and sometimes beautiful and sometimes very specialbeautiful music :sunglasses:. And I hope that your goal is actually that you want to make beautiful music for yourself, because no one in this world has ever succeeded in making something beautiful for everyone, :wink: there are always those who do not like something that we make at all, but if you are satisfied / happy with it then you already have the most important in your life interested, and with such qualities many more will follow “automatically” who enjoy your music :clap: :sunglasses:


Roger picked up on important topic, most famous artist is well know due to their individuality and style. I think you are on the right track be become your own “style”, what is great about it, you have still plenty of time to figure this out :star:.


Yup. Actually I just need to be myself :Dab:


Daily Repertoire #008

Going to get a set of new strings and setup next Saturday. Have been dealing with high action and the buzzing sound for a month =(

Tried a custom Taylor guitar at the local guitar shop yesterday night. A typical ̶m̶a̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶o̶d̶ grand auditorium similar to my current one, just one grade better. Comfortable, soothing, balance tone and extremely playable, these qualities allow me to express myself freely :sparkling_heart: