Vintage 4 club meeting at capacity?

I registered for this meeting the day it was posted but when I tried to join today I was denied entrance, receiving a message that the meeting was at capacity. I did attempt to join 3 minutes after the start time but that should not have made a difference. The club page shows 330 slots still available.
I really, really wanted to join this meeting today :unamused: :frowning_face:

I can’t help with the problem but probably even more reason to have a video of these posted later.

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There’s supposed to be new meeting with larger capacity starting now, I think everyone should receive an email with the link . Haven’t received mine yet

Tried anumber of times and finally got to the first meeting page with a message host is signing in.
Looks like tech issues.

Not sure about todays lesson as no email has been sent as of 2:26 EST 8(

Fanny has sent out a new link, the first had a 300 capacity limit, so its running late. in queue to join at the moment

Apologies for this issue! A new link was sent by email. Recap & post lessons materials will be here:


Thanks, Fannie for staying with it and resolving the problem. Finally was able to join what turned out to be a very solid discussion. All is good! :slightly_smiling_face:

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