Vintage Club #1 with Richard | Rhythm

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You can view the archive page and download all lesson notes and resources here:



Richard, you are such a treasure :green_heart:. I missed the club, happy to see your summary! I hope I’ll be able to join soon. Thanks a lot for this post! Very appreciated. I only had the chance for a quick scroll down so far, must have been quite a lot of work. Thank you! :smiley:

Hi Richard,
Amazing work again :sunglasses:,I’m looking forward to the videos from the clubs and will register … Thanks

Great stuff, thank you @Richard_close2u

It was a great session Richard, technical issues aside although it was a bit mean of you to go from a simple OF to come on Eileen at about 500 bpm :rofl:

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I would join this if the time was different, it just does not work for me. I will watch the recordings though.

Thanks for posting the materials … much appreciated.
Great synopsis btw


Thanks the Club lesson follow up document Richard.

In some ways I’d have preferred it to be a pre-lesson handout. What I mean by that is it would have given me a better idea of what to expect, would have given me time to think about what was going to be taught by yourself and perhaps I’d have thought of questions.

I’m looking forward to the next Vintage Club Session, but can’t believe it’s open to those in their mid 40s. :joy:


I’ll give you a call later :joy:

Thanks Greg, but no heavy breathing. :rofl:


Wonderful of you to post these resources for everyone to see! (even those of us that aren’t of the appropriate ‘vintage’ to attend this club :wink:)

The 'Vintage" label threw me at first - thought it was for people who collected vintage guitars. Curious as to why you didn’t go with the Old Dogs title that’s familiar from Justin’s website.

Really appreciate the PDF transcript…terrific attention to detail, as usual.

I feel seen/targeted!

Thanks Richard for the follow up file, very helpful.

Hi Richard, I must have missed this when is the next one I would like to join if I am around and its not already closed :slight_smile:

JustinGuitar Clubs |

Hi Amanda,
It must be our fault because I could and still find it difficult to find :blush: (I’m not very consistently in reading emails either)

If all goes well, this link should make things clear…


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Hi Amanda,

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Thank you Richard :slight_smile:
The club sessions look like they’d be fun. :smiley:

@Richard_close2u Aha!!! I was hoping if I was patient this would be posted!!! What good rhythm practice, hard to keep up sometimes but I can mostly make it. Give me some time and I’ll probably be playing er!! Booya!! :slight_smile: . Thank you Richard! You are surely a diligent man!!

SOCIABLE! And peace out ! Rock on brother!

Good stuff Richard! Clearly a load of work, time and effort has gone into all this.