Vintage Club #12 with Richard | Unleash Triads In Songs & Riffs

Hello Richard, :slightly_smiling_face:

just found this thread and read your kind words and posts from other members, so I’d like to add a short feedback, too.

Like all the previous lessons before, I enjoyed yesterday’s session a lot.
For me the content had been a bit too advanced (just consolidating Grade 2), and I hadn’t been able to play along for most of the time. But that had been entirely my fault, I really should have practiced the triad shapes a lot more to be prepared for this lesson :sweat_smile:

For me the session had been one of the very first glances into the fascinating world of triads with all the possibilities they offer once the grips become some kind of second nature.
So your great, well structured and well explained lesson was very motivating, challenging and inspiring for me, and I’m eager to learn more about these triads and their shapes now. :guitar: :notes:

I don’t know anything about technical things concerning zoom or audio issues. But it had been a live session, and a lot of odd and unexpected things can happen live, can’t they? So for me this hadn’t been a problem at all. Please don’t feel unhappy about anything from the session. Your continued effort, work, kindness and talent for teaching is very much appreciated and much more important than a slight audio issue or other little tech gremlins.

I’m looking forward to the next session a lot - and I’ve added the triad shapes to my practice routine now.

Thanks again so much, Richard :sunflower:

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Oops wrong dates, I see you are actually subbing for Justin at PMT Live June 4th. Offer still stands but its my wedding anniversary, though should be there though. :sunglasses:

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I introduced the constant 8th open D string to help shape a steady pulse and to hit the triads at the correct beat.
I don’t think Pete Townshend plays them in the strict manner I showed. It was more of a teaching / learning device. I checked Justin’s play through at the start of the lesson. He doesn’t play constant 8ths across the two bars but has misses in there too.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner @Richard_close2u
Thanks Toby! Sorry I missed this, would have been an interesting session I bet! :smiley:

Yes, I can clarify the behaviour in Zoom. The “Mute all” button under the participant list does mute everyone but doesn’t prevent them from unmuting again, like a shout from the front of the room for everyone to pay attention if say you’re running an in-person seminar, rather than forcibly zipping their mouths shut :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

However by unticking the “unmute themselves” option under the Host Tools/Security button that will then prevent them from being able to unmute.

In my opinion, best practice for setting up a seminar-style Zoom meeting where you still want to see people but only want typed Q&A, is to do the following:

  • Enable “mute on entry” as well as a waiting room (to allow you to setup in peace) when scheduling the meeting.
  • Once you are in the meeting on the day, untick all the participant options under the Host Tools button as per below, leaving “rename…” and “start video”. (Just an FYI, if you do the shortcut of “Suspend Participant Activities” rather than individually unticking each option, then it will also lock the meeting so no one can join, therefore you would then need to re-tick “rename…” & “Start Video” and untick “Lock meeting”. Been caught by that one before wondering why no one was joining! :roll_eyes: :joy:)
  • Of course, make sure you give Co-Host rights to your colleagues who will be either presenting or supporting the session as well, so they can be seen, heard and share their screen if need be.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


That makes perfect sense from a teaching perspective. for locking the feel in. I notice that there is also a D5 in the first bar. Did not get a chance to follow up, as change in the weather meant an afternoon of grass cutting and more today.

Good to see how the triads fit in to song passages like this. My practice has been largely four chord progressions in C - think A of A - playing the triads by type Root, Ist and 2nd and then in position in 3 or 4 places. Focus on strings G B e, D G B and A D G but find it all gets a bit muddy on the thicker strings and the shapes are the same.

After some “homework” Monday afternoon, I know have these “exercises” mapped out in D and G, so all good stuff.


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Thanks Jeff.

That all makes perfect sense and explains why folk were either able to break in to the session with questions and also unmute themselves, for whatever reason. There were getting on for 400 guest for this session, so even with a small percentage with mics open and especially as they are likely to be defaulted to Echo Cancellation, it will play havoc with any backing track or audio sample, as Zoom will just see that as background noise and attempt to shut it down. That is my understanding at least.

Not something we will need for the Open Mics, as we always have a Co Host spotter and less attendees - plus everyone knows the “rules”. But I am sure this will be useful to @Richard_close2u and the other Club Host who run solo - I noted Fanny was still riding shotgun for Justin at yesterdays PMT Live session - and hopeful negate these things happening going forward !

I am sure your input will be appreciated and Richard can share with the Team.

Take care,



Thanks @nzmetal Jeff.
Because we’ve been running with no moderator / co-host we have had open access and a reliance on good etiquette. But we have also wanted the option for people, on occasion and in an urgent flagging situation, to be able to umute themselves (when invited by the host).
In my session the etiquette didn’t hold at all times by all people which seems to have impacted the audio at times.


100% that. Jeff’s (@nzmetal) advice has proved useful before and I’m happy to share it again.



Hello all. The resources document for Club #12 Triads part 3 is now available to download from the Clubs Archive page here.

Also - keep an eye out for the release of four short video tutorials, one for each of the songs we looked at. Coming soon.



Great! Thank you so much! Four tutorials! Helps us advancing beginners a lot. Can’t add emojis anymore, as tab breaks down every time I try. Literally I add a smiling face!

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Thank you sir.

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Thanks to @⁨FannyJustinGuitar for sorting these so you all have them in time for the weekend. Four video tutorials now available for the songs we did in Club #12.


What’s the best way of practicing triads? Is it:

  1. Each chord shape up and down the neck, or
  2. Each chord, with different chord shapes, up and down the neck?

Probably both, but in the practical music theory course, there is a so-called “memory exercise” that is quite useful:

  1. Play different grips of the same chord all over the neck like grip 1-2-3-2-1. Start as close to the nut as you can so the order of the grips might be different depending on the chord.
  2. Play the same chord progression (e.g. G-D-C-G) with one grip at a time.
  3. Play the same chord progression in one position, i.e. use different grips but stay at one area of the fretboard.
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Great question Stuart to which there is not one simple answer.
You ask this in the topic for Triads 2.
Did you download and read the preview materials and resources for Triads 1?
In the preview I link to some of Justin’s essential lessons and in the resources I describe approaches to forming, learning and practicing triads on the G, B & E strings.
That should be your first port of call.

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