Vintage Club #12 with Richard | Unleash Triads In Songs & Riffs

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:guitar: Unleash Triads in Songs & Riffs with @Richard_close2u! Dive into the heart of musical harmony as Richard reveals the secret sauce behind captivating melodies. Discover how triads elevate your playing to new heights and unleash your untapped musical potential. It’s not just about playing notes—it’s about igniting your passion and rocking out like never before! Lesson preview available here. :slight_smile:

This Live Class is happening May 6 - Register your interest here.


If you would like to make the most of the play-along practical side of next week’s club, please check out the preview materials and do a little preparation on you major and minor triad shapes on the G, B & E strings.
I look forward to seeing you there!


Starting in ten minutes

Launch Meeting - Zoom (Passcode: 123)

Where do I find the preview materials? Thanks.

I joined the session but soon realised I just did not understand. Are the previous triad sessions still available to review ?

The recordings are not public so I always write up lengthy and comprehensive notes with resources plus tab, chord charts, audio files etc. where appropriate.
Look in the section of the community for the relevant topics or browse the archives on the website.

@Steveg1xb check out the resources for Triads Part 2, page 3 shows the shapes for Strings 1-2-3 major and minor triads. This should be helpful.


@ everyone

I came away from today’s session rather unhappy overall.
I put in so much stuff, and I had so much else prepped and ready, that I wonder if I was too ambitious and lost clear focus and structure.
I wish I was doing it all again tomorrow to make the improvements I would wish for.
I think I did not quite get the right balance between accessible for some and challenging for others, nor between demonstrating, talking and giving practice time.
I don’t know why the audio files were clipping and sounded bad, I haven’t had that trouble before.
I hope there was at least something to benefit you.

Resources coming soon.

Songs we didn’t have time for (I really did make it too ambitious and over egg the pudding didn’t I) were:
End Of The Line - Traveling Wilburys (intro)
Island In The Sun - Weezer (intro)
Sheep - Pink Floyd (outro)

Songs we did do:

Substitute-The Who (intro)
You Better Move On - The Rolling Stones
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Thin Lizzy - A Song For While I’m Away

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@Richard_close2u Sorry you felt that way, Richard, there’s probably lots like me who found it to be at a good level and a nice listing of songs using triads :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Mari63 appreciation and much more to you. :hugs:


I have had it confirmed … I cannot share tab. Too much risk of an issue re: public sharing of copyright material. In my follow up notes I will endeavour to seek a substitute (no pun intended).

Would people appreciate a follow up recording with demonstration and tuition on playing the triad riffs? (Something Lee has done for his sessions.)


Hi Richard @Richard_close2u, I second what @Mari63 said. There was a lot of goodness in today’s class, and I came away with good things to listen for and to work on. If you have more content, heck, maybe follow-on session is in order!


Thank you Richard for this session. I found it useful despite some technical challanges and the fact that I also was unable to follow. The level was a bit too high for me, but thats all right. I did some screens and I hope I will manage to do them later this week.

Yes, this session had some less practice time and I missed that, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The main thing for us students is to find the time after the club and after resources to practice this same topic few more times for the stuff to sink in. For the resources I would really like to see the triads in keys screens/tabs since I was unable to photo them. I know there is logic behind them, but this “in keys” thing I am still to learn. I think it is covered in one of the next modules in my Grade 3 progress…

I am no Zoom expert but is it possible that audio clipping occured because someone was not mutted? If possible, I would say that we are all mutted by default and that only pressenter has the possibility to unlock “all-muted” function (like for the sound check in the beggining or somewhere in the middle). I also find it quite disrupting when people ask “personal” question using audio - there were 300 people there, if everyone had one personal question we would be able to cover any content.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to see you for the next Club. Cheers



Sorry to read your comments. There may have been too much to squeeze in but there was some good content. I do find it difficult to interact on the playing side following tab in a live situation but I think that is more me than your teaching. The Stairway part threw me as I did not recognise that section. Been through the lesson tab this morning and think that it is section Part C in the tab listing.

Have you changed your routing method for the backing tracks ? If not I strongly suspect the audio break down was due to the number of people leaving the mics open. This was particularly bad last night, including folks with other programs playing in the background. Zero respect of protocol !!! I lost count of the Chat message I put out asking folks to mute and DM in Zoom to at least a dozen to turn their mics off. If you are not going to enlist the help of spotters to mute folks while you are presenting, these meetings need to be set up with everyone muted by default. I think this also had an impact of your overall guitar sound, which was near to needing “original sound” at times but not consistently, so down to open mics I think.

Also folk just breaking in to ask questions, was a pita and frustrating. I can understand that to flag tech issues but not for asking general questions, let alone about the EMEA/East club which you clearly covered, twice !!!

With people reaching these clubs from outside of the community, its probably harder to get the message across. But from me to those joining these clubs from wherever, have some respect, switch your bloody mics off and use the Q&A for questions please.



Hi Richard! Yes there was! I feel a bit sorry about your self assessment, it wasn’t as bad as you might think. For me, it was a bit too advanced, but I knew that before and I’m not the best one in following the charts during the sessions in general, I always need the time to work through the material on my own. I had to leave earlier yesterday due to health issues and I’m sad about that. I think more advanced folk took a lot out of your session. Maybe it was a bit too ambitious timewise, but an hour isn’t a lot of time…
I’m already looking forward to your next sessions! Thanks for your efforts and your passion for your students! :+1:t3: :+1:t3: :+1:t3:


I did click the ‘Mute All’ button at the start which should have done the trick but a number of people were able to / did unmute themselves. At various times I thought I heard a TV in the background, a conversation with some ripe language, some guitar playing and there was an interruption with a non-urgent and non-relevant question also.
I thought the act of the host clicking mute all prevented that.

Thanks Judi.
Maybe - or some video follow up recordings … :slight_smile:

Thanks BK. I will be sharing those for sure.
It is also in the Practical Music Theory - a really fantastic course if you want to increase your knowledge.

from here … or more precisely this short bit

Thanks Andrea. I think it was pitched at Grade 3 + on the site. I wanted to have a slightly more challenging session as many of the vintage clubs have been targeted more on beginner grades 1-3 and feedback has shown there are more advanced players who attend.


Sorry to hear that Richard, personally I came away from that session thinking it was the best Vintage club so far. I loved it. It’s the devil’s own job to please everyone though. The technical issues can always crop up - there’s a lot of moving parts here.

Thanks so much for putting all the work in that you do for these (and everything else JG related).


Thank you Richard for the session. I know from my experience ofI running Zoom sessions how frustrating technical problems can be but we are very lucky to have the opportunity to interact in this way. Keep up the good work.
Like some others, I found it difficult to follow in places, par ticularly Stairway to Heaven, but I was able to take screen shots and will work on the songs in my own time. With such a large and diverse group you will never please everybody.
Thanks again and hope to join you for future lessons.



Regards the Mute All, I would have thought the same and note that you also had to do that mid session. Maybe @nzmetal Jeff could shed some light on that function or if it is better to set the meeting with that as default. I did note a number of folk who seemed to be switching their mics off and back on periodically, for whatever reason - did not recognise the names. My view was this did have some impact on the audio and could certainly explain the example tracks behaving the way they did, as it resembled Echo Cancellation.

If its not to onerous, this would be of benefit, as you could include the extra material you wanted to cover or possibly save them for a Unleashed Part 2 ?

I’m looking at the STW section later today and the tab for Substitute in Justin’s lesson reflects your tuition, although it does not show all the 8th note D drone but will try and work that out from what you covered. :+1: Also found a GP file for You Better Move On, which shows the Keef rhythm part but shows them as full barres as below, which I am sure folk could work out the triads on the higher 3 strings.


Hopefully this may help others who have a Tab subscription or Guitar Pro for The Sones.

Do you need a spotter this evening ? Promise not to mute you ! :wink:



I thought it was great content and appreciate your efforts and patience, Richard.

The technical issue where disruptive, but that happens sometime and we know these things sometime have wills of their own. My bigger issue was that I was at work on lunch break, so had no guitar and divided attention. But that’s on me.

I found the intention of the course pretty spot on for me. Beyond grade 3 and I have been studying triads a bit in depth.

For those who thought it was advanced, I think that is fine. When you come to more triad understanding at your pace, you will think back on this and it will help you put it into the larger perspective.

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