Vintage Club #13 | Get Rocking With Rhythm

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:metal: Let’s rock those rhythms together! Join Richard for a Live Class on mastering essential rhythm techniques. Rhythm is the heartbeat of music, and mastering it is key to becoming a versatile guitarist. From perfecting All Down Strum 8ths to mastering Power Chords and Palm Muting, unlock dynamic playing secrets.

Happening Monday, May 20 - Register your interest here!

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Vintage Club #13 | 20 May 2024 | Preview

Students will require an acoustic or electric guitar and writing materials.

Activities prior to the session / session preview

This session will focus on three techniques that are often used in conjunction with one another: all-down 8th note strumming, power chords and palm muting. There are many lessons on the JustinGuitar website that will prove valuable as preparation.

All-Down 8ths

From the Strumming course SOS Grade 2 : all-down 8th note strumming

From Grade 2 Module 8: all-down 8th note strumming

Power chords

From Grade 2 Module 12: power chords and awesome power chord songs

From Practical Music Theory Module 3: power chord theory and playing power chords

Palm muting

From Grade 2 Module 12: palm muting

From Beginner Club #6 with Lee: power chords basics


About to start

Launch Meeting - Zoom (Passcode: 123)

Super cool session tonight RC nice to go over old stuff. Bryan Adams outro, could have played more my friend !

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Palm mute sweet spot is something I must have missed along the way. Fascinating. Thanks Richard.


I think you may have found it without knowing sir !


I primarily practiced power chords on electric so far, I didn’t feel comfortable to play them on acoustic, as they sounded a bit “dead”. I came back to them yesterday and found out, that the “break” of playing them on acoustic did well. Your lesson gave me a lot of motivation to implement them into my acoustic playing also. Thanks!


FIll your boots Toby.

This is about as close to tab I can go without it being tab. :slight_smile:


Heck or just watch the lesson. :wink:

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That was a fun lesson. I am finally getting somewhere with these palm mutes. No where near perfect but there are sounding better. Thank you Richard.

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Fanny has just uploaded the full resources document for Vintage Club #13 here


It is another epic … fifteen pages of goodness !!

[ If I may be permitted to say so myself haha. ]

Gotta be worth a donation right?

Or, better still, I tickle the edges of a little power chord theory. Perhaps that could be enough to tempt you to take up the amazing discount running through May of lifetime subscription to Practical Music Theory at a giveaway discount price.

Richard the Salesman springs in to life haha

Holy smoke Batman.

There’s a recording

My goodness. It’s all too much.