Vintage Club #16 | Rhythm for Beginners

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:earth_africa: Richard’s adding an extra Live Class to cater to different timezones on May 22! Dive into a rhythmic adventure with Richard as he covers the basics you need to level up your strumming game.

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Vintage Club #16 | 22 May 2024 | Preview

Students will require an acoustic or electric guitar and writing materials.

Activities prior to the session / session preview

We are going to focus all of our attention on rhythm, what it is and developing our ability to be rhythmical. This will involve listening to, and playing along with, drum tracks to work on and improve our sense of rhythm and playing with a good time-feel, including counting the beats…

Prior to the session, listen to this audio track.

It is a rhythm track at 100 beats per minute (bpm). You first hear a voice counting a consistent 1, 2, 3, 4 with percussion to match. They continue and are joined by bass and drums. Listen to the drum hit on the first beat - it is a little different with an open hi-hat sound (a cymbal with a long tssss sound). This is an audio clue for the first beat of each new bar. The drum gives another audio clue on the fourth beat with a double hit on the snare (ta ta). As you listen - multiple times - your task is as follows.

  • Listen.
  • Listen and tap and clap.
  • Listen and strum muted strings on the count of 1 then, when you’re ready, on the counts of 1, 2, 3, 4. These should all be Down strums…

About half way through the voice stops counting. Thank goodness! It does become annoying. As you listen - again - your task is as follows.

  • Take over the role of counting out loud whilst continuing to play muted Down strums…

Counting out loud and moving your body and clapping and tapping and strumming will help to embed the rhythm and time.!


Thanks to you @Richard_close2u and Jed for his assistance with my picks :+1:.

Great to have a live on our timezone guys, whilst this was definately begginer I enjoyed it and wanted to support it. I have done one other but it was 0200hr :crazy_face: not much fun :face_with_spiral_eyes: Thanks again guys.

I’ll get on to those picks, thanks Jed.

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@Craig - thanks for attending, I’m really appreciative even though you knew it was pitched at a level you have gone beyond.
The audience numbers were not super big … though hopefully we can do more to suit the timezone and it will take off.

Two Vintage Club recordings in one day.
Thoughts, comments and questions.


Written resources to follow …


Again, thanks to you guys for doing it, I enjoyed it. I wonder if some of our other Oz/NZ regulars were missing due to the level it was aimed at :thinking:

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Be interested to know how they compare Richard. Had planned to jump in mid morning but life got in the way. Glad it went well despite you suggesting numbers were low. :sunglasses:

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