Vintage Club #2 with Richard | Harmony

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Welcome back Fanny. :wave:

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Great show, nearly left early when it got beyond me with barr chords, but glad I stayed as when you introduced the capo, I was able to join in again.

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Hi Richard …and Fanny
I really enjoyed seeing this lesson and seeing and hearing Fanny and of course experiencing an entire lesson with Leraar Richard :smiley:… the time for me makes it a bit difficult for my back to participate and the guitar often has to be taken off.
But it was also good to experience that my memory has not left me with this theory (as with so many theory things) and everything I heard was fortunately known to me. I will definitely try to see more lessons because the moment comes I need it again :sunglasses:…

If only because I can now wiggle, chat with the girl next to me and look outside at the animals or laugh out loud often without the teacher shouting “Rogier pay attention …Rogier don’t do that…Rogier out of the classroom now” :roll_eyes: … :smile:

Thanks and greetings to you all ,Rogier


Just following on from Rogier’s comments I was really happy with last night’s session as well. The whole “using the capo thing” has always been kind of a terra incognita for me in terms of UNDERSTANDING what was happening when we capoed up and how to use the tool properly witht the SHAPES. Just having a chance to play around with it (as well as becoming aware of the whole thread that Richard had already done here on the community) was a great bonus that I wasn’t expecting to get. So, thanks AGAIN Richard for a great session and many thanks to Fanny as well for getting the viewer questions in and keeping us all in line. . .very appreciated!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately missed the first session, but was able to join #2. Very good lesson, it was a great refresher for the “A capo for 2” lesson of module 15. Very well explained. Unfortunately had some connection problems towards the end, I could hear you, but I didn’t see you, Not sure, if it was on my side or not. However, worth every minute to watch (or listen :smiley:) !
Nice to see Fanny is back!
Thank you both for yesterday’s session and hopefully I will be able to join the upcoming club sessions too.