VirtualM's Learning Log

Hi there, I thought it was about time that I set up a learning log as it doesn’t seem that this guitar lark is a flash in the pan, especially as I now have three guitars and currently consolidating Grades 1 and 2.

After getting to the end of Grade 2 and realising that I didn’t have a repertoire and only really knew bits and pieces due to my impatience of wanting to move through the course…massive mistake, I decided to slow down and sign up with a Justin Approved Guitar Tutor to help consolidate Grades 1 and 2 and help me move forward…I should have done this sooner…thank you @Richard_close2u you are awesome!

So here I am and still loving every minute…thank you @JustinGuitar.


A classical Kiari guitar, gifted to me by my Step Dad just before my Mom died, and is probably at least 40 years old, and as you can imagine has a lot of sentimental value, especially as they are both gone now.

A Tanglewood electro acoustic, probably at least 30 years old. Just think how good I would be now if I had kept playing when I bought it :roll_eyes:

A PRS SE Starla, which is very nice to look at…but my rock playing is pants! and a Katana 100 amp.

Songs Currently Working On

So instead of doing part of a song and then seeing something else and moving on to that I am now starting to put together a repertoire. Currently working on:

What’s Up - 4 Non Blondes
Everything Hurts - REM
Stronger Than Me - Connie Britton (Nashville Series)
Jolene - Dolly Parton


Patience young Obi, with Mr C at the helm, all will be rectified. And your minimal repertoire will swell, as you learn songs learn songs learn songs learn songs learn songs learn songs, to quote my learned friend !


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Hi Emma,

Was this realization before or after Richard has been shouting at you for a whole first hour…learn songs… :joy:

Good for you :sunglasses: :clap:,…I wish you a lot of fun on this new (side)road,


Great stuff. For me, learning complete songs was that spark that made such a difference. Jolene is a fun song. Are you following a specific lesson for What’s up? if so, which one?


Great start Emma and seems you’re on a really good pathway now thanks to the course and Richard!

I’ll look forward to your next updates and song progress, all the best!


Hi Emma, welcome. At the end of the day all those entertaining practice exercises are supposed to be preparation for playing songs or other musical pieces. Good you are now attempting to play full songs. You’ll learn something new from each one even if you are using what you already know.

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:rofl: It was after Richard asked me to choose three songs for my first lesson :rofl:

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Hi Tony, I have the Beginner’s Songbook and it’s in there. :smiley:

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Awesome to hear you decided to get some outside guidance on your journey. It is easy to keep rushing forward, I am guilty of this as well. :grinning: I am currently in Grade 3 but for sure could have spent a bit more time getting a more solid repertoire down like you are now doing.

BTW: Keep up the rock :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

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