Vola Oz or Vasti

I’m a beginner. Just finished Beginner Grade 1 and going to spend several weeks consolidating. I’m loving the journey so far and I feel I will keep going. Life might intervene, but I think it is important to set a distant, seemingly unattainable goal. I’m dream building and my research has so far settled on the incentive of a really nice guitar.
So I’m squirrelling a pound here and there away, to one day, when I can actually play, buy a Vola. Vasti or Oz. Not a custom, but I do like the sunburst.
I was wondering if anyone had opinions or experience of Vola?
To me, they look pretty impressive and I love what their name means. (Voice of Life and Arts) That’s the voice of everything I love.
I’m interested to learn your thoughts.

Hi Niall, you’ve definitely been doing some serious looking!
From what I can see they are definitely a fabulous guitar, out of preference I would be looking at the Oz purely because I think it would be more versatile, I usually look to see if Shane (Intheblues) channel has tested one - he has and it looks like he’s mega impressed with it! I tend to watch his reviews because he says it how it is, anything he doesn’t like he says so! The Vola OZ 22 MF Strat-Style Guitar Review (Epic Sustain! 🤯🎸) - YouTube
This might help you to decide!

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. I really appreciate your opinion.

I’m just going to add something maybe you hadn’t considered; you could have a nice guitar sooner than you thought, you don’t have to spend £1200/1500 to get a decent guitar, take a look at these - the HB Fusion III, they are a really good guitar and one that I have played so can vouch for that! ST Style Guitars – Thomann UK

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Thanks, i get what your saying.
But, it’s a stretch goal. Might never happen.
I have to learn to play first. The goal exists to keep me motivated and give me a reason to save.
But thank you for your opinion.

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That’s great motivation, it’s one heck of a guitar!
Good luck, just keep going it will come to the point where you feel it’s the time!