Waiting for the updated grade 3?

Hi everyone! I have finished and practiced everything in grade 2 and feel that I’m ready for grade 3! However, I saw Justin’s message about the updated grade 3 lessons that are coming very soon and now I don’t know if I should wait for him to put them on or start with the old grade 3. Any help would be much appreciated!

I’d suggest you continue with whatever available now. Justin’s beginner courses are already very good.

Hi Torsh. Congratulations on your progress.
Justin has already released ten new lessons on Grade 3.
Dive in to the new right now.

Cool, thanks mate! The new module isn’t visible in the lesson map view that’s why I couldn’t find it.

Just seen the updated Grade 3 page. Yes it looks great, lots of new material, but the stuff I had been working on has now disapeared. Chord explorer is now only for D, Blues studies gone as well as Mastering power chords.
I’m sure things will become clearer in the next few days / weeks, just a little confused right now.

Good to meet you here, Dave.

You’ll find links to those lessons on the Lesson Map

Thanks for the info dude

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So, is it my imagination? I just notice that I thought I was doing the blues lessons in grade three and now I am still doing them but in grade 2, so that is where to find the blues?

Do I feel the blues when I am sent back a grade?:cry::rofl:

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Ok well that is strange,cos I found the set Blues studies in grade 4.

The introductory lessons {such as 7th chords,12 bar, and shuffle rhythm} were always in grade 2.


Hey Dave,

I queried this “Grade 3 disappearing” issue yesterday with Justin. He apologised for an oversight on his part re this, and will be sorted in the new year.

Here’s the post so you can check it out.

Cheers, Shane

Oh, my bad. I just saw the blues titles. But I still am pretty sure I was in grade 3, but am now in grade 2. Ah, well. I never was a good as I thought I was! Still learning at my pace anyway!

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Hey it’s natural to get ahead of ourselves in our quest to improve. I myself was feeling some of the Blues sudies were a bit beyond Grade 3 so went up to Intermediate to look at Scale and Rhythm Maestro lessons cos they were more doable whilst still woring on the studies. My bad, cos looks like we still have a lot to cover for Grade 3 lol.

There is always a lot to cover. The hard part is deciding what to cover now, because we can only cover so much at a time.

Especially as we move from beginner to intermediate. It seems we can choose a bit more what want to learn, which is awesome and difficult at the same time.

We are touching the surface of an ocean of learning. Daunting, but exciting.