Walking bass notes between chords - does Justin have a lesson?

I have recently come across the technique of “walking between chords”
I have just started in Grade 2 so only a beginner but I understand basically what is going on, using scale notes to link the bass notes of the two chords. What I am not sure is how this replaces the normal strums on the beat.
Therefore wondered if Justin had done a lesson on it. Found the sort of thing in Grade 7 but not really what I was thinking about. But wondered if there was a simpler lesson that covers this technique.

I just played with it on a song that has what I call “bass runs” which is the same as your “walking between chords”. This was on a song that has 4/4 timing and what I did on the bass run between each chord change was a note on the 1 and the 3 ending up with the new root note on the following 1 beat. So bass bass root. Hope that makes sense.

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Michael - a little further down the line … Grade 3 Module 15 lesson 4


Thanks Richard @Richard_close2u
I did look down the list of lessons, don’t know how I didn’t spot it.

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Traditional folk songs are really ripe for exploring alternating bass lines with walk ups and walk downs. It’s a good skill to develop, but in my opinion can be somewhat limited beyond that genre. Connecting chords with melody lines is probably a better exploration (for the future). A simple case in point here connecting the G & Am chords: Fills & Connections

I’m inclined to agree.

Wish You Were Here is a great song to start learning this. Justin has an intro lesson in the beginner course, and four part lesson on the whole song that he did a few years ago.

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I agree. Wish You Were Here is a right of passage.