Walking Easy Blues

A groovy bassline with some notes played between for a one man band effect!

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I’m looking for some help understanding a muting technique in this one:

In the variations section at the end @JustinGuitar mentions muting strings 1 & 2 similar to how SRV would do it in Pride and Joy.

I’m having a hard time figuring out the mechanics of how to do those mutes on every other 8th note. Can someone describe the movement or post a video of their fretting hand while doing it? I’m playing it fingerstyle, if that makes a difference.

I only have the DVD version of this and it’s been a while since. But SRV got the chunky sound from fretting the notes but muting all the other strings and he would do a heavy kind of picking motion (not really a strum). That way the note rings out but you also get the muted percussive sound from the other strings. I don’t think you can get the same effect using your fingers. Need a pick.