Wanna Be A YouTube Millionaire ? Reality Check

I always find Mary Spender’s videos a bit marmite at times (love or hate it) but she does create some good material and some pleasant toons. This dropped on the YT doorstep the other day, so decided to give it a whirl this morning. Hey and then why not crush the dreams of any wanna be guitar heroes looking for fame and fortune. Interesting vid all the same.


Thanks for sharing! Intetesting insight, but this cup passes me anyway :joy: (thanks god :wink:). At least one problem I won’t have in my life any more :blush:.

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Thanks for sharing Toby. I enjoyed that a lot. I guess I need to come up with a plan B to make it now :joy:.

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Liked it :smiley:… and now I know I have to be careful and not make too many popular videos because before I know it I have millions of viewers and I get too much money and that means buying more guitars and music gear stuff, and that turns into choice stress Aaaarghhh :sweat_smile:

Thanks for Save me :slight_smile: