Want to record with my silent guitar

I have a silent guitar that is there for my practice at night but recently want to record serious stuff

What do you think?

I guess that would be the old argument of Digital Interface (DI) vs mixer.

I have a small mixer with which I output the jack plug into laptop or phone.

Others on here swear by a DI, which converts signal to USB for input into laptop / PC and maybe iPhone with adapter.

i’m unclear as to what you are asking? If you are asking how to record with your silent guitar, then @liaty has given a good answer. The Yamaha silent guitar I have is just as suitable for recording as my other acoustic / electric guitars.

thanks what I am asking is do people usually do serious stuff for recording with silent guitar?

absolutely. it’s a full / decent / proper guitar.

If you plug it in it will behave just like any other electro-acoustic.
Check out older videos by a youtuber named Peacejoytown - he recorded many on his silent guitar.
Here’s an old one: Feelin' Groovy (Fingerstyle Guitar) - YouTube

thanks every body I am on my way …:slight_smile: