Watching my fingers - Zoom in

watching my fingers is a major problem for me, as I have had injuries to my neck and we all know it is not what we are supposed to do.
I was thinking ( I know I have been told all my life not to think it is bad for me :slight_smile: )
However, when the thought creatures wander through my mind leaving their little ideal prints all over the place I really need to that a long look at them.
I had thought of getting a mirror to set under my computer monitor but tossed that Ideal, then this morning I thought Heck I have Zoom.


The thought creatures have served you well Harlan. Recording yourself is an excellent way to see what’s working and what’s not.

Harlan, that is a good idea and something often suggested viz playing in front of a mirror. I tried it and found it somewhat helpful, but did get a little bamboozled by the mirror image view of my fingers. Does the Zoom camera flip the image to correct that?

yes, it does.
open the zoom app. then in the upper right-hand corner there is a gear icon that is for settings’
Click it, it will take you to the setting page, On the left, you will see all the settings.
look for the video and click it.
now down on the right give it permission to use your camera.
then right under the image, you see there is the flip mirror button.
Click on it to flip the image right to left for whichever works best for you.
hope that helps, take care and stay safe

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