Watching The Wheels

Taken me all weekend to make this video! After watching I hope not too many say “why did you bother!”. For those who don’t want to read my rambling I’ll put the link here: Watching The Wheels - YouTube
I set out yesterday trying to make a vocal track to play over in Zoom but I didn’t crack it in time. Owing to a throat issue I have at the moment I ended up recording short sections of the song in Reaper which I then stitched together. Today I videoed myself miming ( :crazy_face:) to the playback and then pasted that into Reaper. Final bit was acknowledging Lennon with a couple of clips of him “watching the wheels roll” during the period leading to him creating this song. Praise be to Kenny Gioai.
I wonder if I’m the first to have the nerve to mime to an AVOYP!
Vocals are a bit quirky I know. Just me practicing adding and adjusting FX.


Snorebeans, make sure you patent this hack for future OMs! Nicely played and well synced. Shame it was at little out of reach 24 hours ago, it would have gone down well !



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Hi John,
I enjoyed it :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: , and it looks like you did too :sunglasses: ,…you made a beginner mistake in the first minute ,…not moving your lips while singing, :roll_eyes: :joy:. ,…i liked it very much you did it this way :sunglasses:…and there is at least one preceded you,…but this person didn’t confess it right away and fell hard down… @brianlarsen Brian,do you remember who that was?


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Just wanted to see who was paying attention! :wink:


That was really well put together John. Sounded really good :+1:!

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John that would go nicely during the OM, let’s hope next time cough goes away and you are able to join in and perform without any issues :slight_smile: all the best

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Nicely ‘played and sung’ John. Too bad Top of the Pops isn’t on any more. They lip synced all the time.
An interesting experiment John, but I can’t help thinking it would be easier just to play and sing the song once your sore throat gets better. :grinning:
Having said that, you’ve picked an extremely difficult song to sing. Really complex phrasing. Well done.

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Lovely stuff John. Your singing is superb - doesn’t matter when you sang it - it’s still great.

Hope the throat gets sorted out soon! Life’s hazardous for musicians - I put the breadknife through a fingertip on my fretting hand last night.

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Sorry you couldn’t play this on Saturday, John.
You were missed :slightly_frowning_face:
Still, cracking job on this share :smiley:
Ignore Scottish doom-merchants, busily whittling wooden sabots to toss into our mastery of modern technology… :rofl: It’s a useful exercise, trying to synch things…
The reverb on your voice renders it very Lennonesque.
Kudos for hitting the highs :sunglasses:

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That was a very enjoyable listening John, I liked especially the soft touch of the pick on the strings and the sound of it! Also dynamics in the strumming were good I think.
All the best with your throat. :blush:

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner really hope I won’t need to do it this way again!

@roger_holland I had to make a quick decision: do I carry on or stop and redo that part. As I was struggling with the sore throat I carried on!

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie, appreciate it.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian. I think me participating in the community OM’s is doomed!

@sairfingers Top of the Pops! Those were the days! Thanks for your comments.

@twistor59 Thanks Phil. Your comments were generous. And take care with that bread knife!

@brianlarsen Lennonesque Wow! I’ll take that any day. Thanks a lot.

@SILVIA I very much appreciate that you enjoyed it.

Lovely song John and beautifully played. Lots of little elements that make a big difference, the hammer ons and single string picking, carried off very well.
Bravo :clap:

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Well John that was wonderful. Great singing (don’t worry about the miming, it worked okay for many a year on TOTP) and that playing was great.

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John, I only listened to your song today and have to say, it was a pleasure! Putting all together was instructive for sure and a useful experience. Your singing and playing was very smooth, a great joy to listen. A lot of little finesses, well done. Good example for a beginner like me to learn from. Thanks for sharing!

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Never heard this one, thanks for doing it for us! Sure sounds like Lennon, in fact it seems to share many chords and sequences from Imagine. At any rate, very pleasing to the ear and good rendition!

Keep up the good vibe and take good care,

Hi John, that was great! Excellent vocals (love the miming too, well played sir! :wink::sweat_smile:). One of my fav Lennon tracks and done beautifully!