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Well done for giving the vocals a good go - I know you often criticise your own singing but that’s a fair effort. Better than I could do and you went for it. Nice work

Nice JuiJitsu hickey on the neck- by the looks of it, you didn’t tap out- nice job.


On the lesson Watermelon Sugar, can someone explain a part of the strumming pattern using barre chords. What more specifically does Justin mean by “releasing the chords” in between the Up strums. I get what releasing the chord is but why are we doing that? He says to play the up strum, release , play up strum etc: not just holding the chord down and hit the up strums before moving to the next chord. What’s the purpose of doing this? I don’t follow.

Mark from New York

Relaxing the fretting fingers but leaving them in place has the effect of muting the strings. Normally you don’t do that and the strings continue to ring out until you strum them again. “Releasing the chords” in between the strums creates a series of separate sounds, rather than allowing them to run into each other. It creates more rhythmic interest, a more percussive sound.

There are few different effects you can create by muting or partially muting the strings at various points. Justin has a few lessons in the later modules that cover this.

Thank you for the reply - will practice and listen to the effect today. Thank you also for pointing me to more lesson on subject by Justin.