Waza Air firmware update

Does anyone as experience with Waza air?
I bought one after watching Justin’s video and love it except that I need to update the firmware and don’t have a computer.
I have IPhone and IPad Pro but even though you can use Waza air on it, you cannot update the firmware.
Their is no info online, contacted the retailer tech support without answer and if you try to contact Roland company directly (forget about it) you’ll be lucky to find an email address or phone number.
Any help is welcome.
Thank you>

Hi Dominique, I don’t have a Waza Air but does this webpage not tell you what you need to do to update the firmware BOSS - Support - WAZA-AIR - Updates & Drivers

Yes it does but nothing regarding iPad. Apparently it can only be done with computer.

Looking at the instructions, it looks very typical for Boss updates. You, basically, connect the device which then appears as an external drive, and copy the update file to it.

Although the instructions are for Windows and Mac OS, I’m pretty sure it should be possible to do the same thing on an iPad.

You’ll need the ability to unzip the download file (you may need an app for that) and to connect the Waza Air device (you may need a cable or adapter for the iPad).



Thank you for responding, I have the adaptor to connect the iPad and did download the files but cannot open it.

If you need the extracted files, I can do that for you and see if you can find a way after you have those. I guess you need ver 1.30 ?

I’ve put a link to google drive with the 2 extracted files , if you can get those to your Ipad, perhaps you can try that but I cannot say what your ipad will do. Up to you if you want to try it


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@Libitina I’m not seeing the link, Rachel?

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Also, this may help:



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1 here click me .txt file
and 1 here me too .bin file

Sorry, had to change privacy still not sure the .txt file is linked correctly

So, if you cant get the .txt file to download, copy and paste the numbers into a .txt file to move to the waza air with the .bin file


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A little info on the Waza headset, if you connect a second bluetooth item after turning on the headphones, you may loose connection to both the Waza app and your second BT item (IPad).
If however you connect them all at the same time, the connection is 100% stable and both will stay connected for the duration of use, so have your ipad turned on when you turn on the headphones.

It’s totally possible to use the Waza app and any music you see fit from the Ipad but I prefer a phone and the Ipad.

I wouldn’t be without it now, love it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all you infos.
Yes the website explained how to download. What they don’t tell you is that you
Need a desktop to do it, and customer contact is non existent. I even borrowed a MacBook to do it, and it didn’t work. What’s amazing is, there is no video on Utube about it.
Anyway, thank you.