Waza-Air + XSonic Airstep

Hello everybody,

I just spend a bigger part of my vacation trying to get my new Christmas gift (an XSonic Airstep) running with my Waza-Air headset and was close to sending it back to the shop until I figured out how to get it running. Thought, it might be worth sharing my findings with you in case you run into the same problems.

Just for completeness: This is what I did first (warning: This did NOT work out):

  • Connected the Airstep via Bluetooth to my iPhone and updated the Airstep to the latest firmware version (you need a second App for this)
  • By this I was able to control e.g. YouTube via HID commands but MIDI did not work.
  • Connected both the Waza-Air Midi and Airstep in the Waza-Air App… No Midi commands were recognized.
  • Disconnected/connected the devices from my phone in different orders, without any result.

This is how it worked out for me in the end:

  • I disconnected the Waza-Air Midi and Airstep from my iPhone (“Ignore device”)
  • I turned on the Bluetooth Host mode on the Airstep (it should be on by default, for me, it wasn’t. You can turn it on/off by pressing the second foot switch when turning on the Airstep)
  • I put the Waza-Air in Bluetooth pairing mode (and did not connect it to my phone).
    Result: The Waza-Air Midi then paired with the Airstep instead of my phone and the Airstep Midi commands were finally accepted by my Waza-Air :smiley: .

Still some minor issues to be solved (e.g. now the keyboard does not show up in the Airstep App) but positive to find a solution for this as well…

Wish you all a happy new year and lots of positive learnings in 2024!

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Did you get the full Airstep or is is a Wasa-Air specific model?

I got the full Airstep model as I feel that a new Amp (Boss Katana?) might be coming sooner or later, that I’d like to control with it as well.

But I found the hint to the solution in the manual of the Airstep BW edition that gives a clearer instruction how to connect the Waza-Air. For some reason this description is missing in the manual of the full Airstep model.