Web site comments 25-12-22

I appreciate that the web site is in a constant process of being updated but I have noticed a few of things recently which I thought I would mention.

Firstly with the new Strumming-SOS just arriving then the link to Strumming Techniques 1 and 2 has disappeared but you can still get to it if you put it in the search and it directs you to the download page. Is this going to be the way in the future.

Mentioning the new strumming course, clicking on this takes you promotion type page and you have click as you want purchase it again to get to the lessons. I am sure this route could be improved.

Thirdly, I almost always use my iPad to access things, but the other day I went in by my windows PC and not sure what I clicked but I am sure I got a page with all the lessons and I think the versions and dates, it was not the Lesson Map page, I moved on quickly and thought I would come back to it, but I can’t find it now. Perhaps I was mistaken but it would be useful as Justin I think is adding or updating some lessons, it would be nice to know what they were so if you have gone beyond them you could drop back and see any new tips etc.

Just some mussing on Christmas Day.



Also the Image is missing for the intro vids in modules 4-7 grade 1 but the is video still playable.


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