Web site v beginners course book

Im totally new to guitar. Ive just bought the Justinguitar.com beginners course book. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to match any of it to the current beginners course on the website to the book.

I’ve noticed that the book was published in 2012. Does anyone know why they seem so different, as there are references in the book to the web site, that don’t seem to exist on the current website.

Maybe the website that existed in 2012 has been superseded by the current website. It all seems very confusing.

If anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated.


A new beginner course was released earlier this year, it looks like the books haven’t yet caught up. I am not sure but you may be able to access the old course but I’m not sure about it. Maybe someone else could help.

Welcome to the community Dale.
The beginner course went though a huge upgrade. The old
Beginner Course can be found here

I highly recommend doing the new Beginner Course it has way
updated lessons. You can still use the book it just won’t follow the
Course exactly. But is still relavent

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Thanks very much guys for the info. Ill stick with the old version for the mo, as it mirrors the books. Thank you for your help,much appreciated.

Hello Dale, welcome to the community and happy new year. :slight_smile:
The previous version of the beginner course is called the ‘classic’ course.
It helped hundreds and thousands of people to learn guitar, including many of our good friends here in the community. If you work through the book and those online lessons you won’t go wrong. And there is a section within this community for it too where you could ask questions. Here:


Thanks Richard. . Now it makes more sense.