Website feature request - recent lessons enhancement

Hopefully this feature request is reasonably simple.

On the site dashboard, I use the “Resume” recent lessons functionality all the time. This box:

However there are a couple of issues with it:

  • If I click around a few songs, perhaps just browsing, where I’m up to in my grade practice quickly disappears and I have to find it again.
  • It’s not very long.
  • I can’t right-click and open in new tab

It would be great if right-click can be enabled on this, and also if the list can be made longer, or perhaps divided between lessons and songs.

EDIT: Another thing I noticed relating to this, it’s really hard to find where I’m at in a course now. I just started the ear training course, completed the first lesson but did not start the next one, and no ear training exercises are in the list.



In other words “Put it back to the way it was.”


This is a pain and bugs me no end!!

I thought it was just me and have been chuntering in the shadows !
As Rick says back out the “new feature” and put things back to how they were, as this is certainly not an improvement.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner What bugs me is there seem to be an attitude with the new website of Change for the sake of Change. Very few of the new and improved changes actually improve anything. I most cases they make just thing more complicated and the things needing fixing go unchanged.

Could not agree more. It would nice if they engaged with users (there could be some here :wink: ) beforehand. “We have this idea, what do you think ?” Would not be that hard and it would be based on user preference and not at the whim of some coder ! Rant over !!

Reviving this feature request/bug… the more I’ve paid attention to this recent lessons bit, I’ve realised it doesn’t even work properly. It’s not picking up the recent lessons I’ve watched so I have to hunting through the grades menus to continue that. So this “recent lessons” area is not very useful right now.

E.g. here’s my recent list:

But here’s what I’ve actually watched most recently:

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It does see to be a waste of space doesn’t. The way it worked before they changed it was alot better. Unfortunately the new theme seem to be “Change for the sake change”
They still haven’t fixed the main menu on phone yet either and its been reported multiple times.

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