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I suggest you drop this whole section from the courses list.

I came to Justin Guitar specifically because I’d bought an electric guitar and wanted to learn to play blues. I was disappointed to find that the course only had 3 modules. The first introduced some of the basic lead techniques with lessons on Box 1, Box 2 and adding the blue note. The next module gives 50+ examples of blues licks that seemed suddenly quite advanced, and the last module was something about jazzing up your blues and relied extensively on using arpeggios. That was it!

At that stage I concluded that Justin wasn’t really into blues guitar and I should start looking around for more detailed courses on other websites. I would have given up here, except I happened to see an item in the footer menu called Rutbusters. I started watching the wonderful videos he made with Lee Anderton and was surprised to hear him referencing a lot of other material on the site.

So that led to a lot more digging and I found that there is actually a whole wealth of good stuff here.

I have just had a quick look at the Rock, Jazz and Folk “courses” and they all seem to be equally patchy (the Folk course has one module on fingerstyle, then it goes to funk then it goes to 56 blues licks).

I think the simplest solution is therefore to just remove this whole bar and give up on the “Courses by Style” idea. It is better to have nothing at all, than a very limited assortment that gives the impression you don’t have much to offer.

I recommend tagging @larynejg and one of the moderators @DavidP

Hey everyone! Thanks for your feedback, @oztelemann - we’re working on a series of improvements to resolve the UX around the mentioned issues. Thank you for bringing your feedback to our attention! We appreciate your insights. Cheers.


Hi. While you’re fixing things, here’s a minor and recurring technical flaw in the lessons. When one presses pause, a block of promotions for other Justin Guitar pages pops up. This block obscures the lower part of the video frame, which hides Justin’s fingering - a common reason I hit pause. I suggest deleting these promo links. When I’m ready to move to another page, I know how to do that just fine. Thanks much for your consideration.

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I can echo this somewhat. I started on the app, even though I did preview the Module 1 lesson on the website.

I had the basic assumption that the content on the app and the site were the same. I’m not disappointed for subscribing to the app, because it has some great additional features. But I digress.

Once I started on the app, I stayed there for several days. It wasn’t until I wanted to dip my toe into the community that I discovered all the additional courses. Yes, even though I started out looking at the site.

It would be brilliant if the accounts could be linked. If I wanted to do one of the basic courses on the website, then I’d like it to have it marked on the app as well. Or if/when I enroll in an additional course on the website, I’d love to be able to do it in the app, even if it’s only the videos without the practice exercises, songs, and such.

A link from the app to the course catalogue would make it more obvious what is available. I ended up buying a supplementary course from another site before finding out Justin Guitar had similar material, and for free. Again, not discouraged. I’m happy with that purchase as well. But JG is such a great resource, and the teaching is so sound, I want to make it my first stop for any additional guitar lessons.


That’s good to hear! I’m a website developer so I guess I’m extra sensitive to these sort of issues. I’d offer to help but it looks like it is built with Ruby on Rails and I have no experience with that framework.

I did notice that course modules have tags at the top, so I guess they do have categories attached to them somewhere.

These would also normally be clickable links too, but that may be asking a bit much. :wink:

I definitely second linking progress in the app with the website… I occasionally do a module in the app & then have to repeat on the website. Not a terrible thing but it’s a bit annoying.
Linking progress would be fantastic!!!


Just click near the end of the progress bar and you can finish a lesson in 3 sec. That’s how I do it. Not ideal, but not a big deal either :slight_smile: (although linking app and website would be nice!).

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@thewritescott @oztelemann @LadyOfTheCastle

The app does not connect to the website. They are two separate things unfortunately and others have asked this question in the past.
Have look here -
Connecting App with Website
and here -
App update? Does it link to website

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