Website issue or just me?

I keep getting the same error message every time I log in to the website. I tried clearing my history. I generally use Safari. Anyone else had any issues?

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Just logged in using Google Chrome, and it seems to be working fine for me :thinking:

I have tried multiple computers and browsers. It must just be my account. Second I log in I get this screen

I’ve had that a couple of times along with the pages displaying the code. I adjusted the website address to take me to main page instead of dashboard and then it all worked fine.

I’ve just logged out and back in using Safari and all is ok. I didn’t even have to fill in the cookies etc form!

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Firefox on PC and all is right in my world.

In addition to deleting history, clean out any cookies and clear the cache from the browser. Sometimes bad data gets cached and the browser always looks to the cache first, rather than reloading a page fresh. That can fix a lot of browser issues. I’m not a Mac person, but I’m assuming Safari is similar to any other browser in that respect.

@skeletor83 - we’re on it!