Website Not Working

Hi, Sincere apologies if this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I cant access my practice schedule and havent been able to for , well, its got to be 3 weeks now. Does anyone know what’s going on, if its happening to others or if its just my account. Its very frustrating. If anyone can enlighten me I’d greatly appreciate it. Cheers!


access mine every day

So your practice scheduler is working fine?

yup no problems

No worries, thanks. Ive emailed them to see if they can sort out whats going on with mine.

Thanks for the response. Cheers

Hi @Jaceth

Let’s see what we can do from here; we’ll need a bit more specific info?

Can you describe the exact bevaiour?
Have you included screenshots or error messages in your e-mail? (can you share here?)
Have you tried clearing cache and cookies?
Have you tried another browser?

Great to hear from you, @Jaceth !

I’ve gone to my shortcut to the front page of the website and today is the first day in 3 or more weeks its working. I can see my practice schedule and everything is back to normal. All it took was me creating a post about it and it fixed itself. I’ll let you know if I have anymore trouble. Cheers

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Sorry if this sounds daft but have you tried logging out and logging back in. I’ve been able to get in no problem although the stats appear to have gone a bit peculiar. Hope you get sorted.

Apparently all it took was me creating this post. The day after I created this post the website started working for me again. 3 weeks of nothing then boom, back to normal. Weird!

Hi, I’m now having a slightly different problem. When I try to amend something on the practice scheduler, the website just freezes. This is the second consecutive day. I’ve tried the usual fixes (clearing browser cache) etc.
Any ideas?

Contact support…i put up with my issue for weeks hoping it would fix itself and it was something on their end that needed to be changed, so dont wait, contact the support team. Hope that helps. Cheers