Website practice metronome query

hi to all.
i would like to propose or at least to know if there are other people , who wouold love a metronome with the chance to get accent on beats and time changing . ie. 4/4, 6/8 and so on, in their practice dashboard.
most of the time a single beat is ok, but others an accent to know at what point one is in the measure is needed.

Hello, dz and welcome to the community.
I could see where the ability to put some type of accent on beat one would be helpful.

This is where instead of a metronome a drum track is more useful, the accent is conventionally done on the snare so easily distinguishable.

Is use Pro Metronome from EUM Lab on my Android tablet and you change each beat emulating accents if needed. Also has a programable trainer for tempo increments, which can be increased via number of bars or length of time. :sunglasses:

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Justin’s TimeTrainer app. I’ve got it for iOS. It allows you to specify the time signature, number of beats and divisions, generates slightly different beat sound on first beat, has a trainer mode, and has a timer. I love it! Am I missing something else that you were looking for?

Yea, I use the same app and it works well. I’m a bit confused about using the 6/8 time setting, but otherwise, it’s good. On 6/8 strumming, I wind up using the 3/4 setting.

TimeTrainer app is the way to go. It’s only $2 and it’s helped me immensely. It does what you’re asking and more.

Yeah, 6/8 is too noisy for me. 3/4 seems to work better, at least for learning. It would be nice to hear what @JustinGuitar or one of the more experienced players thinks.

am i missing something?
yes. the integration in the practice session on the website. everyone has an app or a bookmark with some sort of metronome, but it would be nice and practical, switch one’s pc on, go to their dashboard and practice with such type of metronome integrated, and choose any tipe of accent and time. as simple as that. then if the reason for not having such choice is a different one, that is ok. it was just a suggestion for improvement

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I see now. Maybe the metronome built into the practice items (when they’re played) could have more features, possibly similar to the app.

I see your point, and who knows your request may be acted on, or maybe adding too much funcionality will affect sales of the app. I honestly don’t know, just thinking aloud.

My Time trainer app is fully featured for all the stuff mentioned and we kept it super cheap.

We do plan to redevelop the metronome built into the site at some point but bigger fish to fry in the immediate future :slight_smile:

:ok_hand: got it.
thank you . now back to practice time

I also find the 6/8 timing a bit much. I don’t use 3/4 though, I’ve started using just 1/1 and counting out triplets, so each click is 1-2-3 (hope that makes sense). I see from a search that since 6/8 is 2 groups of 3 eighth notes, and 3/4 is three groups of 2 eighth notes, the feel (and the accent) is different. I also see that people use 2/4, and count 3 beats on each click. I’m going to try that, you just have to make sure each click is a triplet (3 8th notes).

I use the Justin Guitar metronome quite a bit, yet somehow not quite enough.

I definitely recommend it as a well featured app.

I find that if I back up and slow down the 6/8 I can get the feel and am slowly working it up to speed. I feel this is a more reasonable approach to using a similar but different time.

I have done the same with 12/8 time. Seems overwhelming at first, but the slowdown brings it into perspective.

I do get confused as to how to set the bpm in these times to match various lessons, but with a little trial and error, I can sort it out.

Mari’s approach seems good as well and probably does more to teach one’s internal sense of time.