Website says the song on the App but does not seem to be

Only at Module 4 but already looking ahead to the five songs to pass grade 1.
Have been looking at Beginner’s books 1 & 2, web site and App. I noticed that the website says that “The tide is high” by Blondie is also on the App to play along with.
However I can’t locate it on the App so is the Website wrong.
I am using the iOS version which I purchased in late December and it updated itself at least once as I have the new metronome.
Can somebody look into it please.
PS - I actually came across others that the website says are on the app but don’t seem to be.

Hi Michael, The song Tide is High used to be on the application but is no longer on the application possibly due to changes in licensing.

Interesting but disappointing in which the website should ideally be updated.
I am sure I will get over the disappointment.

It’s in Justin’s books and I’m sure he has a video lesson.

I don’t get that. In my app it’s still available. I’m in The Netherlands

I find it in the app as well. Don’t know if there are different servers for different regions? I am in Germany.

I’d presume that licensing arrangements may vary by country.

If you’re in the US there are many songs not available because of US copy write law.

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Dear All

Thanks for your input

Beginning to make some sense of it now, must be due to licensing in different countries. I am in the uk and there are two blondie songs on my app, neither is The tide is high.

It is in one of the books and there is video which sparked my interest, have always liked blondie.

Perhaps somebody at HQ could clarify. @Richard_close2u

Thanks for the tag @MAT1953 though this is one for Musopia most likely.
@MusopiaApps @Musopia Can you help with this at all? Thanks.

Thanks Richard

Dear Michael @MAT1953 ,
Thank you for your post.

For your information, the song “The Tide is High” is currently live in some limited number of countries. However, we will update the license info later this week, so we can get up more regions including the UK, in the next catalogue build.
Please search for the song in the app later.
If you have any questions or feedback regarding the app, feel free to contact us at directly at

Best. Musopia Support Team

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Thanks for clarification and will look out for it in a forthcoming update

Nice ! Hopefully, the new license will cover Canada too :slight_smile:

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Noticed yesterday that The Tide is High is now on the UK version of the App

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Hi @math07 , sorry for the inconvenience but due to the license limitation, the song will remain unavailable in the following countries including Canada:
IL Israel
IN India
JP Japan
PR Puerto Rico
SG Singapore
CA Canada
CN China