Website Unreadable

Recently the text on the website is such a pale grey that it’s barely legible.
This seems to be the latest ‘design over common sense function’ fashion, as some other sites also ape this absurdity.
Bye bye JustinGuitar.
You got me started and I would have continued being a loyal user/visitor. But I can no longer go on straining my eyes to read the text on your site.

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someone has fiddled with your color setting,i dont see any greyed out words

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Binning the best guitar tuition website out there over a text colour. Talk about an over-reaction. :unamused:

And as Raymond said, it’s probably an issue on your end anyway. There is no barely legible pale grey text anywhere on my end. But whatever… see ya!



do you mean text as in this screenshot?

I realise it doesn’t directly address the issue from the server end but have you considered making some adjustments on your end? Only offering a potential solution, not invalidating your point :slight_smile:

Colour modification (user end)
High contrast (user end)

Kind regards,
Dave :guitar: