Website vs App vs Tabs.... I have questions

Just started going through the Beginner lessons and downloaded the app. I am confused as to what is where, and what I would be paying for. I do not mind paying, but I would like to know what I am getting. And easy example is when the videos tell you to practice some song. Ok, so you look up the song under Songs and there is no real explanation of chords, tempo etc. Just “here is a link to listen to the song, and here is a link to add it to your practice schedule” So I figure the song must be on the app. Go to the app. You cannot do anything at all on the app without paying so… would there be some sort of music sheet on the app if I paid. I tried to look it up in the tabs section, but that too is behind a paywall. So if I pay to see the song on the app can I then see the tabs here, or are those two different things and I would need to pay for both even though one is a complete mystery and the other is just the tabs?

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…in the beginning…

So the website came first. Justin showing first chords and techniques as you progress through the lessons. At some point he starts to introduce songs in order support the learning of the things you are learning, so for these song lessons, each should have a video lesson going through the chords and rhythm etc. For example…

Along comes the app. So with the app, again you progress through the lessons and part of the suggested practice time is learning songs. On the app, you can search through various songs with the appropriate chords and filter according to where you are in your learning journey. Each of these songs provides a backing track for you to play along with and shows which chords to play etc.

So not all songs from the original website course will be available in the app, but on the flip side, you may find a song you connect with more on there. It’s just a different way of going at it.

I always thought that there was a free trial for the app?

The tabs are a separate thing I think.

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Every lesson available in the paid app is available on the website for free. There are also currently more lessons on the website because Grade 3 has yet to be added to the app. To my knowledge, every song that Justin suggests for practice during the lessons is available for free as a video lesson on the website. Not all the suggested songs are currently in the app. (Some were removed due to licensing issues earlier this year.)

Given that the lessons are already on the website, you are essentially getting an app which can teach you to play songs, while providing backing tracks and sometimes also vocals. In other words, you can play along with songs as if you’re part of a band which is good fun. You can also slow the tempo of any song to make it easier to learn.

You should be able to listen to and see the chords for the first 30 seconds of most songs. At least, I can since my subscription expired. It’s enough to give an idea of what the app does and how it does it. If you’ve never used it before, you should also be able to get a free trial.

No. The app shows the chord you need to play and on what beat you need to play it. It also provides strumming patterns (often simplified or wrong due to being beginner friendly) and pictures on how to fret the required chords.

Providing sheet music and tab for copyrighted songs requires licensing fees to be paid, which is why Justin’s TAB section is subscription based. Video lessons get around this for whatever reason, which is why they’re still free.

Nope. The app and Justin’s TAB section are two different things. Note that Justin collaborates to make the app… he doesn’t own it. Musopia does, and they in turn have nothing to do with Justin’s own website.

If you’re in the first two lesson grades and don’t want to have to go searching for decent backing tracks to play along with, then the app can be very helpful. I enjoyed using it for the songs (not lessons) for 2022 and don’t regret the money spent. However, I did let the subscription expire because even with the seasonal discount, the price hike has put the cost of the app too high for what you get… in my personal opinion. But your opinion may be different, so don’t let me put you off.