Website vs App

What is the difference between (1) the free lessons and joining songs on the website and (2) the Lessons and Sons app in the App Store?

The website has everything that the app has and lots more. It doesn’t have the “play along” with songs part that the App has. The App has the lessons for the early stages of the course BUT nothing beyond that. The website has been here for a lot lot longer than the app (which is provided through a licensing agreement with Musopia).

A lot of starters like the “play along” part of the app at the beginning because even with just a few chords you can feel like your playing a song with the band. Eventually though you will want to move away from it and learn to play songs on your own.


Exactly what Rossco said in a nutshell. I would highly encourage it through grade 1 and even revision work through grade 2. It is invaluable in learning chords and chord changes; it helped me progress tremendously. After a few power chord songs, then it is kind of past the point of being useful. It also will possibly hinder your ability to memorize songs because you are just letting the app do the chords for you, so you don’t have to memorize as much, there are pros and cons.


Thank you both. That is very helpful. My husband had the app for a year but it didn’t renew so he’s been just doing things on his own for the past year and working on songs he found on YouTube. So maybe he no longer needs the app. I was thinking the Strumming SOS course (which looks like a one-time purchase) and the Tabs (which is an annual purchase) might be best for him then at this point.

Is he following the lessons on the website ? A far better option than just using youtube. The grade system continues in a structured manner. :sunglasses:

That sounds like a good approach. It’s worth your husband looking at the songs part of the website as Justin has lots of song lessons as well (which are all on Youtube). In general I would say Justin’s song tutorials are some of the best. I think the Strumming SOS course would be a good investments. In terms of the Tabs I’d just check which songs actually have tabs as not ALL songs are covered by this.

Another thing that I invested in that I still use to this day (12 years on) are Justin’s song books…in particular the beginner ones (although all are very good).

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I did the old “Really Useful Strumming Techniques” 2 part course, which has been replaced by Strumming SOS. I think RUST is probably roughly equivalent to the Grade 1 and Grade 2 parts of Strumming SOS, and as such I can’t recommend it highly enough. In addition to being “Really Useful” it’s a lot of fun and also a massive confidence booster.

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I bought him the 2 beginner song books when he first started the lessons app.


Hello… I have had the application on month to month for the first year; and renewed and renewed and paid in full the second. I have completed beginner 1 & 2 and have been consolidating for the last six months. I like to watch the lessons on the website, and practice with the app. Also you have the app with lessons anytime. I found both helpful and enjoy the app breaking downs songs, strumming and the play along options. I will renew for the 3rd in a few months. Thank you!