Weekly Hello! And a sorry note for the last two days. :)

Hey Community!

I’m so glad we’re back! :grin: You probably experienced some service interruption in the past few days, and we apologize for that. It was an annoying fix to sort, but we learned a lot from it, and we’ll be better equipped next time.

A big thank you to everyone who contacted us about that issue - we appreciate your taking the time to write us. And a super round of :clap: :clap: :clap: to @KrisOzolins, our developer, who dug into this issue and worked long hours to sort it out.

On a positive note… have you noticed Justin’s special newsletter yesterday? I know most of you probably have the products and subscriptions you need already, but there’s a free booklet with Christmas songs on that email, so check it out in case you missed that and would enjoy easy Christmas songs to play this year.

And a fun meme to help us start the weekend with a good laugh:

Wishing you a great day!



Hi Laryne, thanks for your update. I thought, it was only a problem with my account/device. Good to hear, that it‘s solved now. Thanks to the team for bringing the forum back on air :clap::hugs:.


Fun times? I’m sure it was intense. Used to work in system/database admin role so very familiar with the stress of outages. Hang in there.


Thanks, Laryne for this information! Glad you were able to fix it, thanks to the whole team, but especially to your developer! Also a big “thank you” for answering to my messages so friendly. Hope the next weeks before christmas won’t be that stressful :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: Just had a quick look at the christmas booklet. Terrific! Thanks for that too!

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HI Laryne,

I love the Justin tuners:) Thanks for sharing the updates.


Hi Laryne
Thanks for the update
And thanks also for the Christmas booklet. It’s great! and beautifully presented :slight_smile:

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