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Hey, Community!
How are you doing?

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today. :canada: I’m soft-working from my couch, still a bit hangover from the feast yesterday!

I’m super excited to have Justin back from Italy! I know he’s enjoyed the Workshops a big deal, but he’s almost out of new song lessons for y’all. Hey, Justin, back to practice and recording… :sweat_smile:

Now - he sent the newsletter yesterday - a bit late but a great read for sure. I will leave you to it: read October 2022 newsletter!

And a question. Is this true?! :thought_balloon:

Laryne & Team


There was a whole debate some time ago about pulling strings (if we go with an image here :grinning:) when replacing strings :grinning: no definite answer there tho!

Thanks for an update Laryne hope your hangover is going to step away sooner than later :grin:

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Hi @larynejg. The link you given for the newsletter takes me here.

The theory is you are tightening the bindings on the tuning pegs, not actually stretching the strings. This will happen over a few days anyway as you keep retuning but the “stretching” speeds the process up…and leads to lots of snapped Bs and es if you are not careful.
On your acoustic stretch them closer to the 12th fret.


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I was disappointed I just got a blank page, that graphic is cool !


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Thank you for letting me know - I fixed the link. :slight_smile:

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Just to confirm it is working now, thx Laryne. Happy Turkey Day for yesterday !

I’ve been wondering, in addition to snapping strings, can it damage the nut, the bridge or the neck when doing so? I always worry if I stretch the strings too much or not enough.

Thank’s for this precious info. Right now, my mind = blown.