Weekly Update: Approved Teachers 🔥

Hey, Community!
How are you all enjoying the end of this season?

It’s been rainy here in Montreal, but still fun.

Anyway - not a lot to report this week, but one exciting piece of news! We have updated our Teacher page, now including testimonials from students of our incredible teachers, Richard, Lieven, and Jed, and welcoming Lee, who was Justin’s student long ago!

We’re also welcoming two guest Teachers, the incredible Artists Jim Campilongo and Mike Dawes. They teach guitar 101 when they’re not touring, and now you can learn more about it at the site and maybe even book a lesson.

We also corrected some bugs - you might have noticed the artist pages were missing, but they’re back.

Now I should go back to wrapping up my week cos it’s almost beer time here!

Have a wonderful week,
Laryne & Team


Great stuff, thank you @larynejg
Enjoy your long weekend break.