Weekly Update: Justin in Australia & App Summer Sale

Hey, Community!
How are you all?

Sorry, I’m late for my first Weekly Update as a regular. :slight_smile: But things are busier than usual here! Justin is back in his home country Australia for the first time in 7 years, so I’m doing my best not to bother him with work on his first weekend there!

We’re working a lot backstage. Babs is wrapping up the design of a new songbook for children, Kris is closing a lot of backlog tickets to improve the website, and I’m starting to plan for the… Holiday season. It’s crazy that it’s already that moment of the year, and… I’m starting late!

Anyway. :slight_smile: Did you see the App Summer Sale? 20% off is a nice discount, and you can get it until August 21 on new yearly subscriptions only!

We should announce loads of cool stuff next week for the website, and I’m super excited about them. Now let me get back to my planning and emails. :slight_smile:

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Laryne & Team


Thanks for the update, Laryne.

We do appreciate hearing what is going on behind the scenes in the JGverse.

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Thanks Laryne.
So much going on, always.

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