Weekly Update: September Newsletter, Giveaway, and More. :)

Hey, Community!
Hope you’re all doing SOOOOO great. :slight_smile:

It’s been crazy busy as always here, but super fun too! Justin keeps reminding the entire team and me to keep it all fun and make sure we love our work, so all good-good!

You’ve probably heard the biggest news - our Giveaway to celebrate the 700 Song Lessons and the brand new 101 Children’s Songs ebooks.

I’ll let you all catch more about everything in this month’s newsletter, and I’ll come back soon for more updates.

Have a great weekend, you all!

Laryne & Team


Thanks @larynejg
So much happening, some already happening in the community as you say, and loads more detailed in the Newsletter.
The community is thriving and these announcements help members old and new get at least a small sample of what is happening and what may be to come.
Your work and efforts are always appreciated.


Super cool stuff going on, most excited for those grade 3 lessons. I’m just about finished with consolidation for grade 2 and plan on starting those on Monday. Skimmed through them and they are awesome.

That song psycho is great, put the rest of the ep in my Spotify queue!

Buying that children song book, hopefully I can get my 3 year old to stand still long enough to get him hooked on guitar!


As always good to hear from you, Laryne.

Now one thing that Fanny was doing that was great fun was the weekly guitar/music related meme.

So even if the update is a consolidation of updates that folks may already have picked up on via other Community posts, or in this case the Newsletter, the weekly meme was something I always looked forward to … no pressure :laughing:

Have a great weekend!

Hey @DavidP - thanks for your comment!

Yeah, the memes are fun, eh? She used to research them - I miss Fan! I don’t have time to do memes every Friday, but they’ll come here and there.

I’d also love it if some of you want to volunteer to get us a weekly meme!




Smooth move, Laryne :laughing: Good idea.

From what I gather folk typically stumble over these memes working through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. I am not active on any of those Social Media streams. So unlikely for me to come across any memes.

But maybe others here would do. So if you come across a great meme, I suggest you send it to Laryne as I direct message and then she can publish as part of the Weekly Update.

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