Welcome home to my soul - original song

Hey y’all!
I’d love some feedback on an original song of mine called “Welcome home to my soul”
What do you think about my rhythm. I’m obviously a beginner in Grade 1. My goal is to do a good job at playing simple original songs. Where do you think my biggest improvement area is? What do you think I do well?

Here is the link:


Nice job! All i can say is just keep at it and keep writing! I thought your rhythm and singing were good, you only will get better with practice.

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You nailed it. Very well done. I didn’t have the confidence to do anything like that when I was a beginner. Keep at it.

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Hi, I I also think you’re nailing your goal. The song is simple, but effective and I think your rhythm is good. I like the lyrics too.

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Hi Husain,
your determined enthusiasm to transform your two simple chords into songs, into music, is fantastic.
You ask about rhythm.
The main point I would raise is that you set up a tempo in the rhythm that is faster than your current ability to change chords. This has the consequence of setting you up to make pauses in the smooth flow of the guitar. You play an introductory strumming pattern on your first chord which instantly captures our attention, then the flow is interrupted a little by the fact that you need a little longer to change to the second chord before you repeat the strumming again. This is definitely normal, and all beginners face this same issue. You can slow down songs to match your ability to change chords. Equally, there are times when slowing down too much can take away the spirit of the music and so you simply have to accept this issue as one that will improve with time and practice.
Note, the rhythm serves the lyric, the story that you are telling through your music. As it should. And, perhaps without realising, you seem to have fallen upon a non-regular time signature here. I think you are playing in 7/4 time, you play seven beats per bar to fit your singing.
Count it as
A chord: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
D chord: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Or, you could split that and count as:
A chord: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3
D chord: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3

This is perfectly legitimate and fine and good. I just wanted to make you aware of it if you were not.


Hi again, Husain :wink:
That was quick!
You are on the right track to achieve the goals set out in your intro.
I would find it helpful to have a better idea of how you envisage your interaction with the Community here. If we are part of your spreading love through original songs project, I will click the like button and send hearts galore.
@Richard_close2u has given you solid advice about the rhythm you requested and you won’t go far wrong listening to (most :laughing:) of what he says.
If your main goal is improving your guitar playing and song writing, instead of asking what your biggest improvement is, or what you do well, I would ask what people find you could improve on or do better. (I have asked for blunt criticism in the past and although it can be hard to read, I found it much more helpful than bland encouragement).
By and large the Community default is, quite rightly, focus on the positive.
Keep 'em coming, brother :sunglasses:

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Husain, I’ve been playing nearly seven years and the closest I’ve got to song writing is to think how marvellous it would be if one could do it. Your debut song was great! For me it was driven by your singing. To my ears you have an ability to smoothly, navigate a very interesting vocal path, which uses pitches and rhythm not usually associated with popular music. Guitar was very simple. I think that will change rapidly. Led by the music inside you I think you’ll grow very nicely.


Hi Husain,
For grade 1 and already with singing it is fantastic. :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…you have already received all the good tips…I was especially impressed by your singing :sunglasses:,…clear to hear that you have sung before. :clap: :sunglasses:


Hi Husain. That was an interesting song with quite an unusual time signature. Well done on using your current skills to write and perform an original song. You’ve got a good voice and I look forward to more from you in the future as your guitar skills progress.

My suggestion would be to change your camera angle so we can see your fretting and strumming hands. That way you’ll get advice on those aspects. I felt your strumming sounded a bit jerky and uneven but of course can’t really tell as I couldn’t see it.

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Another upvote here for what you’re doing Husain and going for it with original songs with where you are. Certainly take note of Richard’s advice and imo continue to refine the songs you’ve written with that on board.
Love the enthusiasm :slight_smile:

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@Bytron08 @tony @SILVIA @roger_holland @Notter, I really appreciate your encouragement and comments. The encourage of this forum will give me the support I need to get to my next level of playing.

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@sairfingers, yes! I will definitely post my next video with a better angle so you all can see my strumming hand. Thank you for the tip and helping me get better at getting help :slight_smile:

@Willsie01, brilliant comment! A little background on my singing. I am a Muslim and I have memorized our scripture in Arabic (Holy Quran). This book is recited/sung without an impromtu melody without instruments. I expect that this experience of mine will result in a unique musical sound. However, I expect a bit more blending of a popular musical sound when I get better acquainted with it and my instrument skills increase.

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@Richard_close2u, wow, I should have to pay for this type of advice :dollar:
I understand that I should decrease tempo to match my chord change ability, so that flow between chords is smooth. I can speed it up as I get better. :racing_car:
Also you commented that I am using non-regular time signature (7 beats per bar). Actually, I just keep strumming until I finish the singing the line :sweat_smile: and I just allow however many beats come to come. That means if the line is longer, then I will strum 1 or 2 times more by that nature.

How about for my next guitar playing challenge :trophy: I put a song together that I can sing slowly (to get the chord changes smooth) and time properly (so I can follow a traditional 4 bars per beat)?

Also, now that I am participating more in the forum, I hope that I will give more attention to more disciplined practice via the learning log.

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@brianlarsen, thanks for the tip in helping me navigate how best to use the forum. I feel the love :heart:

Hi Husain,

Excellent vocal - nice melody and dynamics in the delivery.

Rhythm is fine.
The next step for me would to be to try and put some of those dynamics you have in your vocal delivery into the way you strum. A handful of notes or chords can be played in so many ways you can add a lot of flavour just by adjusting how you strum - soft, heavier, pick out the odd note from the chord, etc.

Great that you’re writing original songs.
All power to your elbow.


@Digger72, awesome suggestion. This would really help me to enchance the instrument sound

Grade 1 and doing your own material, that is impressive Husain.

I enjoyed the song and I guess as you progress through your guitar journey it is one you will be able to bejazzle as you go.

Nicely done.

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I appreciate the comment!