Welcoming new members - a request

I am continually warmed and heartened by the incredible community we have here. The all encompassing spirit of caring and sharing - nurtured over many years - is as strong as ever. It has continued and grown in the time since we moved from the old forum to this new community home.

In the old forum the lesson specific topics all had a simple request in their opening post - that they be reserved for Q&A about the lessons only. I would like to make a similar request here.

The community has been organised into many categories. If you use Category view, all of the member-centric sections are at the top. These sections:

All of the website-centric / lesson-specific ones are below these.

My request …

If you are reading a topic that is lesson specific (any below those shown in the screenshot) please allow it to be dedicated to Q&A about the lesson and free from clutter. In practice that means two things.

1] When you see a software generated message like below it can be tempting to quickly hit reply and write ‘hello & welcome’. These replies are friendly, of course. But unless accompanied by further comment that is seeking to answer a question or assist with an issue, they do become clutter in the lesson-specific topics. Please can I ask that you refrain from making these friendly but ultimately insubstantial replies .

2] Off-topic chat and banter does naturally happen in lesson-specific topics. There is no hard and fast rule here so I ask only that members be aware of not extending such chat too far.

Many thanks.