Well Hello There!

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan. I’m 34 years old and finally giving this learning adventure a real try. Dabbled with a cheap First Act electric when I was 16 for about 2 weeks while reading lessons online but it didn’t stick. Put it down for about 5 years and did the same thing but this time just trudging through tabs. Repeated this process of picking it up and putting it down until about a month ago when I found this site. Really loving the course structure that Justin put together. I’m currently on the beginner grade 2 module 11. I seemed to have a bunch of guitars land in my lap recently as well which may have reignited my desire to learn slightly;

  • Mid 60’s Teisco hollowbody that seems to be a relatively unique variant with a giant body and a super long stretch from the bridge to the tremolo.
  • An old 60’s Global classical.
  • A mid-late 70’s Yamaha FG-360 that plays and sounds beautiful. Currently my favorite.

Anyway, enough droning on. Just wanted to say Hi!


Welcome to the forum Ryan. you’ve come to the right place to learn to play Guitar.


Hello Ryan and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Stick with it, your older self will thank your younger self if you do.

Enjoy your guitar journey.


Hi Ryan, good to meet you and have you here! Seems a good stable of guitars you’ve got, have alot of fun learning across all of them :slight_smile:


Hey Ryan, welcome to the community, great to hear from you. The great thing, from my perspective, about learning the guitar is what a great reward the guitar gives you along the way. Keep at it, you won’t regret it and you’ll be a member of an exclusive club for sure!


Hello Ryan welcome to the community, the course structure is terrific and definitely helps you stay on track. Enjoy your guitar journey :smiley:


Hi Ryan,
Welcome ,and i wish you a lot of fun, it will not be the website’s fault not to become a good player in any case :smile: :sunglasses:


Welcome, Ryan! Here’s to this time sticking for you, with Justin’s help. And wow, what incredible old guitars you have recently received. Would love to see pics of them, if you get a chance!

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone!

Going to try uploading some pictures below for Ardemenz and anyone else who’s interested in seeing them. They all need some cleaning but I did recently take everything off the Teisco and clean the hardware, neck, frets. Didn’t dare take the pickups off, not familiar with the electronics and don’t want to damage anything further haha. Unfortunately didn’t have any polish or oil for the neck but did what i could.

Also forgot to mention that I had been playing the ukulele a lot before i picked my guitar back up. Found it to be a fun but easy learn and just relaxing to play and enjoy. Finally decided i needed more of a challenge with a guitar and I’m having a blast so far.



Nice looking guitars there.


Hello Ryan, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:. Justins course is great. In this forum are quite a lot of former on-off-guitar players, who - after finding Justin Guitar - finally stick with it :smiley:.
I wish you lots of fun with your beautiful guitars :blush:.


Wow Ryan, fantastic collection you have there! Really appreciate you posting them :blush:

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Thanks so much! I love the course, and am excited to start being active in this community. Seems like there are a lot of really great folks here.


Welcome to the community Ryan. I see a few folk have joined that live in Maine recently. A place I’ve still to visit, maybe one day if I’m lucky. Wish you all the best on your guitar adventure.


It’s beautiful here. Between the coast, the lakes, and the mountains, there is something for everyone. Thanks for the welcome and here’s hoping you get a chance to visit! Its worth it for sure.