Well, here I am ... hello from Stuart

Hi folks.
I’m Stuart, late 40s guy originally from England, but now from Barcelona.
I work in IT, have my likes and dislikes, etc.

This adventure started after I fell in love.

Yeah, ok, you can all stop groaning now, sounds like a zombie movie. You in the back, are you gonna need a bucket?

So, it turns out I am in a serious, long-term relationship, and the lady likes rock and metal, like me. She plays the piano and can sing, is not conventional in many things, smarter than me, even her name sounds like ‘weird’. We fit.

I started daydreaming of surprising her by being onstage playing something. The setting is usually our wedding reception, although this is not serious, as neither of us believe in that particular custom. Sometimes Dave Grohl shows up, but I don’t know him, so buggered if I know why. We’re pretty seriously into the Foos, tho.

The daydream became a bit of an obsessive vision.

This has become a serious long-term objective. Assuming we survive COVID, Putin, etc, I will do this. And maybe do it properly, with a band - but not as the leader, or even lead guitar. The next EVH, I am not.
Watched a bunch of documentaries focused around the 80s American Hardcore scene, read some also, and thought about when I tried guitar back in the 90s, when it was all about Nirvana and Metallica and Extreme - and Muse, who’s town I lived in for my teens.
That time, I lasted about a year.

So, I started back in July, quite quickly found Justin’s courses, got myself an FS by Aria Pro II… and then another one… and then a Squire Strat SE when I figured out how bad those two Arias were, put in a new nut, did my own electronics and setup thanks to DylanTalksTone, got a cheap Line6 Spider and a Joyo American Sound pedal to go through - next one is a Little Big Muff, cos I also remembered I liked the Smashing Pumpkins.

I’m working my way to perfecting the opening riff in Tenacious D’s ‘Tribute’ and the opening to ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Have Love, Will Travel’ is the first thing I played all the way through, the next one I will try is ‘Zero’ from the Smashing Pumpkins, and the Foo Fighters ‘All My Life’.



Welcome to the Community, Stuart. Wonderful story and look forward to following your progress here.

Welcome Stuart, interesting story, hopefully your vision will come true.

Welcome Stuart great intro. We all need dreams, one day I hope yours will come true.

Welcome to the community Stuart, good to hear your story. Keep that dream alive!

Welcome Stuart!!

Keep those dreams floating, i am cheering for you :grin:

Hi Stuart!
I love your write up.
Sounds like a damn good reason to start playing to me :smiley:

Welcome Stuart!
Ah, love and music. What a great combination! Enjoy the ride here mate, and ask away when you need some help. Great community here.
All the best.
Cheers, Shane.

Good to meet you Stuart and welcome. Love the backstory and ambition, hope to hear of your continued progress! - Mark.

Hello Stuart and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I hope you achieve your long term goal.

Thanks, folks.

Hello Stuart and welcome to the community.

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Hello and welcome Stuart. Good luck with your song learning and know that following the beginners course will get you there.

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