Well it is getting near

and we have lots to do, so I’m not sure how much I will be on now before Christmas.

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a a very merry festive season whatever your beliefs and I hope you all enjoy.

Health and happiness to you all for 2022. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wish you and yours the best, Stefan.

Seasonal greetings to one and all, whether you’re freezing in the crisp icy air and snow or baking in the summer sun.


Haha, great minds, Stefan :smiley:
I was contemplating a similar post this morning (The Dublin contingent arrive today and we’ll be 13 and two dogs in the house for the next week :roll_eyes:).
Having said that, esp. with this mobile-friendly site, I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking in frequently, earning ridiculous like badges, but these thumbs of mine are even worse at mobile typing than Travis picking, so less wordy missives.
Merry Christmas y’all :santa: :deer: :gift:

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Thirteen for dinner.


Merry Christmas Stefan and to one and all! I do hope 2022 brings everyone health, happiness and a rocking good year!


No no, 13 for meals three times a day for the week
Danish Christmas Eve dinner for 21 :rofl:

During the past few weeks I tried to find my way on the website and in the forum, sometimes struggled to find something back, here and there I got lost, but I’m gradually able to adapt to the new landscape. Great to see some names back of people I’ve ‘met’ before, and all in all really appreciate the work done not only by Justin, but also by this great Community. Wish you all a fantastic New Year, and that we may all have some good progress with our beloved instrument(s).


Seasonal Greetings from my Petit Renne de noel !

Quiet time here. No family again as daughter up to her neck with the UK health situation. And my missus had another cardiac glitch getting on a couple of weeks back. So it may be up to me to do the Xmas dinner again. :fire: :fire_engine: :fire_extinguisher: :fireworks:
Thank dog its only the 2 of us !! 39 meals in a week :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Bonne Fete peeps :sunglasses:


Thanks Stefan and wish you and all a merry Christmas, hope you enjoy the festivities and for those fortunate to have wonderful time with your families.

I’ll be same as last year spending Christmas with my wife only since all the Covid situation. Not happy with travelling back this time of the year. To be honest we have plenty on our plate to do so probably this year instead of Lego it will be some more Ikea furtniture to put together :grimacing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So I was looking for “Log Songs” on YouTube for some reason, I’m not the sort to search for festive songs but for reason this came up, heck knows why. So I’ll let these to happy chaps bring you some Christmas cheer ! :sunglasses:

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For the mathematically minded …


Happy Christmas if you are celebrating it, enjoy the rest of the year with your families and to a healthy 2022! (And to many open mics, gigs, recordings and good music discussion on this forum.)

@Richard_close2u: Always a fan of a good mathematical joke!

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Good one, here’s to a lice free Xmas for everyone!

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Brilliant, love it and funny is I still remember how to get to the final equation :sweat_smile:

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I just thought it would be nice to post this:

And a prosperous new year with all your aims for achievements!

You’re well blessed :joy:
I feel lucky to be able to have a nice quiet Christmas this year after last year!

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Haha, good luck with that; don’t forget…… RTFI and all will be well!

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Is there an error in the line 4 graphic, Richard? Looks like y raised to the power of r squared, not multiplied by r squared :thinking: See I even digest your non musical posts carefully :rofl:

Well this proves Billy Connelly wrong when he said of his young school days and algebra

"letters don’t make numbers, the make words !!"

Well sort. Those familiar with the original will see it has been markedly refined.

Bonne Fete Peels