Werewolves of London - Cover by Oldhead49 & LBro

Yes, thanks LB!

Hi Gary,
Ok, I think you are all set up to post. If not and you need help. You know where to find it here. With that said, I am looking forward to your post!

Keep rock’n,

Hey LB,

First, I may have neglected thank you for your help with this. If so let me correct that by saying ‘thank you’ - very much!

I started with Justin, about 2-3 yrs ago. I wasn’t active when the revised site re-launched as I was in the midst of a home purchase & relocation. Now that I’m back, and while it’s even better than before, I’m on somewhat of a learning curve with some features. Between that and Justin’s Theory Course, my 70 yo brain resources are working at max capacity. I’ll try to get something up asap.

Again many thanks!

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Hi Toby,

I want to thank you for weighing in on my post and for the advice. I’m sort of getting my sea legs on the revised site and for posting audio/video. I guess because of my skill level, I just never gave it thought before - but I hope to get something posted soon.


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No worries. If you ever need help or advice just shout or PM me, happy to help.



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This was a treat, thank you! I’m a long time WZ fan, regret I never saw him live.

WOW, guys, it’s a perfect cover!
Really love it more than original, in particular, because of the amazing vocals.
LB, you’re just a star here!
Well, all the rest of the work is at an excellent height. I’m enjoying it!

Hi James,
Yeah, there were a lot of bands I would have liked to have seen live. I saw many, but there is always another that was not in the plans back then. Glad this struck your fancy!

You take good care and keep rock’n!

Hi Leo,
Thanks so much for the kind words. While I may have upped my game a bit on vox, I think OH-Dave is really pushing the envelope on his guitar play. Not sure there is much he can’t do these days if he wants to and sets it up as a goal. I am glad you enjoyed this and take really good care!

Keep on rock’n,

I was grinning from ear to ear. Very well done indeed!

Glad this pulled your chain in the right direction! If you liked this one, you might want to give “Wild Thing” a spin… It comes more or less from the same mold.

Keep up you rock’n ways!

Really enjoyed this. Talking emphasising guitars, have a listen to what Jerry Garcia did with this song for The Grateful Dead. Saw them live twice in London in the early 1980’s.
Enjoyed this as much.

Came back to watch/listen more than once, that good !

I had to pop back for another listen. I had the TV on in the background and the film Grownups 2 came on and I heard a familiar song playing and I was like “hey thats the song LB and OH49 did a cover of”. I have to say I prefer your version :wink:

I think this one was berried pretty deep. Thanks for the taking it for a ride again and letting me know you like it over another version! That is cool!

All the best James and take care,

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It’s a rave from the grave. Vive Resurrection !!

I enjoyed this very much. Great graphics and alway nice to see Zevon in action. Ya done good mate!

Truly amazing quality in all areas. That was sooooo coool. The video itself is captivating and the song was a reawakening for a Zevon fan.

Happened to listen to Lawyers Guns and Money recently. It brought back memories of Zevon. I fell across a David Letterman interview of him which gave me new insight to his amazing strength and humor during the time of his illness.

His song - Keep Me in Your Heart

  • , although uncharacteristic of Zevon moves me every time I hear it. I’ve adopted his phrase “enjoy every sandwich”. Which was made into an album by the Wallflowers I believe. Now I enjoy every sandwich.

I so enjoyed that video!

I am glad this one was kind to your ears…

Thanks so much and I am glad this brought back memories for you!
Keep on with the vibe!