Werewolves of London - Cover by Oldhead49 & LBro


That was very entertaining, with great playing and vocals.

The only thing that would have improved it would have been in some of the video shots, Mr Larsen, in London with a werewolf mask on.

Wow you guys that was great! Nice vocals and instrumentals! Good job guys!!

Very well done gents! You captured the musical vibe and sense of humor of the track. Pretty spotless. The amount of time, energy and effort of putting this out is there in spades. Super tasteful solo in there. Really nice share!

Big Warren Zevon fan here, and “Werewolves of London” is admittedly not one of his tracks that I spin. Maybe a bit overplayed on rock radio here back in the day. “Excitable Boy” is a cut above when it comes to cleaver songwriting, “Lawyers, Guns and Money” is a huge favorite. “Disorder in the House” has been a spinning plate in my music room for a while now. Go off the beaten path and you will find a lot of gems. Too many good songs to list them all out. RIP Warren Zevon.

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Funny you mention that, Clint. I had memories of listening to Warren Zevon occasionally in my 20s and some scratching turned up the same album and I posted a couple of the songs that I remembered in the chat earlier.

Edit :laughing: now I see you ‘liked’ those posts

Really good job guys.
@LBro - your vocals and production skills are definitely improving very fast. Ah yeah and the bass playing as well.
@OH - steady as a rock as usual
Cheers and,
Keep on rocking.

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Loved it, you really did justice to the song.

Thanks so much for the really fine compliment. It means a lot as these take a while to produce. I know OH spent many, countless hours on just the guitar solo alone!

Thanks Sarge! We both take kindly to your compliments!

Now for that Larsen guy… Uh, he would look good in a werewolf mask, for sure! :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep rock’n guys!

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Yeah, most times I don’t read previous posts. I don’t want them to color my comments. In this case I went back and read the previous comments after I posted and noticed that great minds think alike. :slight_smile:

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Great stuff, that sure brought back lots of great memories

Hi Byron,
Thanks for the comments and for giving this one a spin. Hope all is well on your end!

Keep rock’n,

Phenomenal - truly enjoyed it. You guys are awesome

Hey CT,
Good to see you stop in. Thanks so much for the kind words as we appreciate it!

I had a few more goes at Lawyers, Guns and Money. I was listening to see if we might attempt it. Alas I don’t hear much rhythm guitars in about the first half of the song. So while I like the song, I don’t think we will attempt it. Good stuff though!

All the rock’n best,

Nice rocking tune! Must admit I’ve never heard it before. It’s always hard with these 3 chords songs, to keep it from becoming too repetitive, but I think it worked fine here. Nice tones, and not too bad bass playing either, all things considered :wink:

Take care,

That was great LB and OH, as always top notch making it absolute pleasure to listen to. As others said not an easy one to put your own spin to it but I think it was a good attempt and I enjoyed listening to it again as usually with this riff I hear Kid Rock’s version from my speakers playing.

I visited Soho few months back, if you don’t mind loads and loads of people and you like doing pub rounds then it is your place to visit! However you guys over the pond might be terrified with how things and people can be squeezed in together! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: all the best

Hi Tony,
Glad this one touched your memories and you enjoyed it! That makes it all worthwhile to produce!

Keep rock’n,

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Hi Sandy,
Glad this struck your fancy! :grinning:
Thanks for the nice comments and be well indeed!

Keep on rock’n,

Hi Kasper,
Wow - Surprised on this end that you never heard this. It was prior to your time though, so maybe that is it? Yeah, the 3 chord songs are a challenge to vary up. We did it with piano being different in the chorus areas and the guitars morphing along differently in places. Thanks on bass. All I can say there is that it was useable… lol

You keep rock’n and take good care!

Hey Adi,
Good to see you stop by and enjoy the tunes…

Ah, I figured someone over that way may have wandered around Soho. Even in my footage it looks packed with folks being busy and bustling about. At least you did not get a bite taken out of you! :weary:

You should have stopped at Lee Ho Fooks and had some beef chow mein? Maybe another day for that if you visit again…

Be well and rock on!

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Wow. I’m late to this party LB. That was terrific stuff. Fantastic playing and production of a professional standard as always from you guys. Well done, I really enjoyed your version of this great song. You put your own stamp on the song whilst retaining the feel of the original.

I could tell you a tale of my experience in Soho as a 15 year old when on a school trip and we snuck into it whilst waiting for a train transfer in London.
But that’s for another day! :wink:

Hey Roman,
Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments. It is good to see you out and about as I have not seen much of you lately… :hushed:

You be well and keep on rock’n on your end!

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I loved the howls! I liked where you sang “HUH! I’d like to meet his tailor.” Great find on the pic where the werewolf’s hair was perfect. Your vocals are sounding great! The instrumentals were great, your video, production; all of it great, on both of your parts. This was such a fun song! I watched Zevon’s official video (love his animation abilities when he performs) and read a bit about him. I watched the video of him and David Letterman. Now I want to listen to those mentioned here on your feed. Look forward to your next song.

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Thanks for the comment Skinny and glad it worked for you!