What a Wonderful World by Sam Cooke Lesson

Learn to play What a Wonderful World by Sam Cooke on JustinGuitar!

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You can get it from elsewhere.

Have to say that I like this one and especially the way Justin sings it.

I prefer Sach :wink:

Well that’s true of just about every song on here, but it misses the point. I don’t have to pay for TAB ‘elsewhere’.

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Ok. Didn’t know that you paid for tab on here. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff @JdG
I have called for help, but keep in mind that this lady has a lot of work to do, so I hope you have some patience…have fun with other stuff :sunglasses:

Hi @larynejg
The tabs have not been added here yet


You’ve lost me on that one

Looks like I got the wrong Wonderful World, my bad !

FYI, @TheMadman_tobyjenner was thinking another song by the same name, sung by Louis Armstrong, also known as “Satchmo” or “Sach”.

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Do we know if the tab is going to be added at a later time? I too pay for the Tabs.


I paid for tabs too, all the new songs have no tabs or super simiplied tabs. Very disappointed. Won’t be renewing when it expires.

The video for this song is so good that it’s easily possible to write down the chords and to play along :slightly_smiling_face: Just give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes things take some time, but I’m sure the tab will be visible soon. Isn’t that so @larynejg ?

that’s not the issue though. If I pay for something, I want it to be available. First year was worth it, there was a lot of very high quaility tabs.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, @JokuMuu, and I apologize for this, @JdG! Tabs will be live soon. Cheers, Laryne

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