What A Wonderful World (ukulele)

“What A Wonderful World” is such an uplifting song on its own, but it’s quite elevated on the ukulele! Lots of different chords in this one.

View the full lesson at What A Wonderful World (ukulele) | JustinGuitar

There isn’t a tab section for any of the uke songs. Where can I get a tab for this? Trying to follow all the chords as Justin rattles them off is next to impossible.

Pause button
Repeat as required :smiley:

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Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m doing. It’s rough going though. It’s hard to tell sometimes when Justin is repeating a section or moving on to the next part. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good on you :slightly_smiling_face:
You will learn so much more that way, (and I’m not talking about the song :wink:)

When you start to play the lesson change the playback speed!
Follow this on YT, start to play it then, click on the YT logo to take it into the App, then the 3 dots on the RHS top of screen go down to Playback speed on the drop down menu and try it at 0.25 for the easiest way to see what the chords are - pause as necessary.

Hope that helped!

Justin also has a ukulele song book with lyrics, chords and tips.£8.55 on Amazon.

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