What about a Justin Guitar virtual MIni Concert?

:thinking: Ok. I think I understand what you are saying or maybe not. The level thingy I don’t really understand, as I have no clue how such thing is measured. - I just composed my own song with lyrics, using 3 chords only, as many beginner songs are. - About to do my first recording now. Maybe not worth posting in the AOVYP then.

But I will leave you too it. You for sure know best about all this as you have many years of experience and knowledge about this stuff. - Wish you all the best and looking forward to see how it all come about. Sorry if my suggestion was far fetch and out of context. :heart: :pray:

Works for me Jason and it avoids potential conflict/competition with the current OMs, which I am sure was not what Jeff intended. But others have alluded to that as a possibility and not in so many words, An informal gathering would also work well, when it comes to “remote” time zones, be they east or west of EMEA


@ Everyone

Be assured that the mods and the people who have had organising roles for the Open Mics are following along with keen interest.

We will need to discuss and bounce ideas around behind the scenes if the JustinGuitar name is going to be attached in any way.

Keep your ideas flowing in this space. :slight_smile:


What about if a certain number of the OMs were restricted to fewer performers with each performer being given time to play 3 songs with introductory chat etc.
That would alleviate the potential for OM fatigue from both a performer and audience perspective.


I like the idea. I do not think it should be competing with the open mics and should be a low-key thing. “Hey folks, I’ll be performing a X-mins online gig at this date, would be happy to see you there” and that’s it. I would not advertise it like OMs, collect audience, cater to timezones etc. I also would not put too many rules or structures around it, like has to perform at OM first, or X times per month. Mods would want to see some contribution to the community and/or having been a member for some time, to prevent people flocking for performing only. Then, whoever wants to it could do with however much notice they want to give. It would be customary to give a chance to cancel if less than X people show up.


The only problems I see with this is

  1. to use the communities Zoom license you need someone who has access to it.
  2. you need a link to the Zoom performance. Putting it up on the forum is just asking for trouble.

I do agree with you about rules and making it to complicated


I agree with you Serhat I think that would work better personally. As you say the only thing to police is “drive by” visitors to the community who are looking for a bit of self promotion (although they are hardly going to get load watching anyway).

I think the other suggestion to limit performer numbers in the OM to allow at least two songs per person is also worth considering. Obviously if people really are looking for other performance opportunities they can have a look in the “real” world :wink: I suspect there are plenty out there (although appreciate the online approach is very convenient for some).


This is a very good point.

But I do feel this should not create too much work for mods. Organising OMs is already a lot of commitment.

Perhaps the performer could get a link from the mods and share privately with forum members that show an interest. Then the sessions can be recorded and mods can choose to only have a look at the recording if there are complaints.

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I am thinking, OMs get a lot of demand and it is a great thing mods are trying to meet as much of that possible. I’d want OMs to give a chance to even more people to perform.

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The free version of Zoom has the option for anyone to set up a meeting with a password for a 40 minute session. You can record the session too. So if the set isn’t too long anyone could set up without having to share accounts etc.

I am intrigued by the idea in general,.


Nope Serhat that is not so, I have it down to a fine art and it is really not an arduous task. I’m not a mod and most of the OM organisers are like me, just normal forum members. Its minimal input from me over the 6 weeks. It may look a like lot of work but it’s a piece of :poop: really, minutes a day if that. And it would have stayed a whole lot easier, without the additional guidelines, necessitated by “drive by” performers referenced by Jason @Rossco01 after an open arm welcome on the Newsletter - hence @DavidP David’s comment early doors, keep it low pro. However, some suggestions here would making a mini concert gig a whole lot messier, so the simpler the better. So informal and low profile for this will work well.

The issues are :

If it has a JGC badge it needs Justin’s buy in/sign off. As I said brand thing. I know @brianlarsen said we don’t need permission but that’s not quite the case. I see this from both sides. And as Richard says, those behind the scenes are watching with interest. Yep that includes me but includes those up the hierarchy.

We could use the JGC Zoom licence but that will need engagement/availability from our OM team members and possible presence ( @adi_mrok @jkahn your input more valuable than mine) at show time or at least setting up the “gig meeting” and assigning a host. That could be an issue logistically and time zone wise. If folks want it recorded then one of the licence “holders” would need to be engaged as I believe the recording is in the Zoom cloud. @jkahn @adi_mrok for comformation.

But yes your final point is that it would be need to be communicated via DM in respect of links etc. No harm in a general invites to start with.

My worries as I type, is potential lack of co-ordination with an informal approach, so I’m a little conflicted given how I’ve pulled the JGC OMs together, since the Newsletter levee broke. So much as I’d like to see this go into free fall that might not be possible. BUT

If folks want to get together unofficially and set up mini gigs as per @nzmetal Jeff’s original remit, that will work fine. They can do this using their own Zoom accounts. Invite Community members to preform or watch. Record and share the outcome. Wash rinse repeat.

Separate from the OMs with a evolving life of their own.

Just another 2 euro, make that 20 !! brain dump to add to the thought process.

There is potential. Lets keep it simple. But ring fence the OMs.

Peace love and happiness. OM as in the meditation OM (go mindful Justin) not OM as OM XVI. Coming soon.



We do with the restrictions of a 2 hour show. That’s 22 performers doing one song each and priority will always go to “newbies” who meet the criteria. If we over spill 22 then we go to count back to allow those who have played less OMs to get priority, Hence my dipping out this year, a self imposed penalty of grabbing the spotlight in the past. :rofl:


And that’s something that emphasises the spirit of this community. Most OMs its first come first served.


So James, has your time come ?

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Not yet mate. Struggling for time these days to get a proper practice session down. I’m still picking the guitar up every day to keep the wheels on the learning process going even if it’s at a slower pace.

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Just commenting to get notifications on the thread. I’ll chip in more next week (if the thread is still going) once I am fully back home.


So cool reading through all the thoughts and great ideas! :sunglasses:

I am definitely in the camp of simpler is generally better, so the proposal of low-key, informal mini-concerts as proposed by @Rossco01 & @elevatortrim & others, coordinated by those performing themselves, sounds like a good way forward. Even if just to gauge how well the concept is received. (Of course taking into account the important considerations around ensuring no impact on the JG brand, etc. as you rightfully mentioned @TheMadman_tobyjenner :+1:)

The Zoom side is all very doable in a safe/secure way even without a dedicated account owner/host attending, by utilising various different settings/options and I would be happy to help advise on how to set that up (it is literally what I do as a day job :joy:). We could formulate a best practice setup, whether that is using the community Zoom account or people’s personal “free” accounts.

Loving all this discussion and thanks so much for everyone being willing to share their thoughts! :hugs:


So much has already played out here, but here’s my 2c. Opinions already shared by others, so just putting in an opinion.

Sounds like a good idea, BUT - is it being overcomplicated? IMHO the best ideas are simple to understand, and then well executed.

  • There’s nothing stopping a handful of community members setting up their own informal show, setting a time, and then doing a post to invite people to it. “Hey, come to the Bill, Bob & Sue show, we’re doing 3 songs each”. And see how that goes. I would encourage trying to test the waters before setting up something longer term. I can’t see why you’d need some kind of permission for this if you’re not using Justin’s brand name.
  • What is the difference between this and an OM where people do multiple songs? It seems like the same thing. I like what @Rossco01 said, limiting performer numbers on some OMs and allowing some people to do multiple songs would be the same kind of thing, and could be an option to explore. Have a “two song OM”.

This kind of stuff doesn’t happen out of thin air - it requires someone to grab it, define it, and do it (run it). Oh yeah, you’d definitely need some kind of audience registration process to prevent naked people and bots joining your zoom meeting. Never post a zoom link publicly.

We have one license, and it’s assigned to Adrian (although I set up the Zoom account) - so if we’re using the community zoom licence it would have to be Adrian, they’re not really a shared thing although the licence can be moved around (all sorts of asterisks apply).

I think that count-back rule should be modified, long term contributors and organisers shouldn’t be penalised. The longer they’ve been around, the more the count-back rule counts against them. IMHO if count-back is in place them it should be limited to last 6 or 12 months, and be more a measure of “how much have you performed lately” vs “how much have you performed ever”.


Great points JK! Insightful as always mate! :smiley: :+1:

There are ways to make this work without sharing the licence around and avoid security risks. I would love to jump on a call with yourself and @adi_mrok and go through some things that have helped me out a lot in the past with other similar events. Too much to mention here, far easier to run through on a call if you both had time at some stage :slight_smile:


Thinking about an open mic versus a gig.

If my local pub is holding an open mic, I expect it will be open to anyone, there will be people with different abilities and time split evenly. If my local pub is holding a gig I expect to see more accomplished musicians putting on a performance.

If you do proceed with the idea that could potentially be the distinction you make between the two events.

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