What about a Justin Guitar virtual MIni Concert?

Been slow to catch up on this thread, Playing Live and Nerves, but some amazing comments and advice from @Richard_close2u, @Rossco01, @Jenndye429, @Notter, @artax_2 (love the Hammett vid you shared! :laughing:) & @LievenDV amongst many others that I have found super helpful! :hugs:

So, I was thinking on this and wondered if there could be a natural extension to our OMs that folk in the community might interested in… What would people think about the idea of having people perform their own “mini-gig” using the community Zoom licence?

I imagine, this would involve folk who have already performed at an OM (this begin an important part of the criteria) running through a setlist of songs they know (at least say 3 but maybe with an upper limit of say 8-10 so it doesn’t go on too long) and performing those to an online audience. These could be songs they performed already in an OM &/or posted in AVOYPs so as to get the repeat on performance that Richard mentioned.

They could be introduced by a host and then it is over to them to “tell stories” and play songs to entertain the audience.

Hopefully given that it will only involve one performer and one host (optional?) with an audience, coordination on timing should be less admin-heavy (and of course run to avoid any conflict with the normal OMs).

The hope would be that this could add another step beyond the one-shot OM and help build confidence further towards playing live out in the “real” world.

Interested in people’s thoughts on this… good idea/bad idea? (or possibly already suggested and not implemented for very relevant reasons I’m unware of?) :thinking: :slight_smile:

(Of course, putting up my hand to coordinate/help/assist in any way so that it isn’t just lumped on to someone else’s existing workload :wink:)


I LOVE this idea Jeff! There have been times when I have been practicing that I have thought of several songs together that would make a good “set”. I know that I have been trying to work on my stage presence during performances and having something like this available to do/strive for would be very helpful, I think.

I think it would be nice to have like 2-3ish performers with a host. Kind of like a real concert has opening acts and a headliner. As I’m sure this would have some logistical issues, I am willing to help any way that I can. Dan and I could also co-host if needed.


Awesome! Thanks Jennifer! :smiley:

I would so love to see you and Dan do a proper set, that would be AMAZING!! :star_struck:

Great point! That would actually be super cool!! I really like that idea! :metal:

Legends! :hugs:


I too would be up for this showcase idea.


I think this is a great idea.


Sounds like a good idea Jeff.

However, it may need sign off from the man himself. So once a framework has been laid out the mods @Richard_close2u @LievenDV @DavidP will have to most likely run it past Justin. I only mention this, as when the initial OM idea was tabled by @Rossco01 and discussed on the forum, Justin insisted that there would always need to be a “team” rep present at the events.
Brand protection type thing. That was Richard to start with mainly but became easier when David joined the team. As the OMs are now fully established this may no longer be a requirement, especially as I accidently blanked Richard at the last !! :wink: So worth bearing in mind, especially if the proposed events are more frequent than the OMs, which I would suspect they could be.

My 2 cents.



I thought it should be enough if you’ve survived an open mic a few times :sweat_smile: but if you’re still unsure a street performance (busking) is the next step to a bigger stage :sunglasses:…put a camera on there and share it here on the forum… :smiley:

But of course a nice idea and go for it if possible… :sunglasses:


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I think it is a great idea, Jeff.

The original ideas of the Community OM was firstly to fill the gap left by Covid for people who’d begun to play OM events and secondly, it became a stepping stone for people who have been learning to play and sing (though singing not obligatory) and sharing recordings to gather feedback and show progress and aspire to perform at OM events.

I like this idea as a further stepping stone, having fewer folk on the roster, perhaps 3, and replicating more of the OM event experience. Where I perform the approach is generally 3 songs or 15 minutes. On a busy night, it is often just simply 3 songs while on a less busy night you may be asked to play another. So three performers following this approach with the opening and close plus transitions would be about an hour.

From a Justin perspective, I think getting his approval would be almost a formality. I think the OM track-record has demonstrated that this being labelled a Justin Guitar Community event is working well. The original pre-condition being a Mod in attendance was also to ensure that the associated etiquette and ethos was maintained, which has also never been an issue.

From a logistics perspective, we need to explore how best to handle the Zoom setup and hosting. If it becomes more frequent it is not reasonable to expect any single individual to always be responsible. But the OM organising group can explore that.

It may also be given that the event is an hour with 3-4 people to run and perform (a performer could play host), that we explore options around day and time. For sake of broadest participation possible, the OM is held on a Sat, starting 19h00 UTC. But if the 3 performers were all in USA/Canada, no reason why that event could not be held during the evening of a week night. Audience convenience is a factor. Something to consider.

As a stepping stone, it would make sense to me that people performing at these Community Mini Concerts, would have played one (or more?) Community OMs? And if this took off, it also seems to me that maybe once performing at Mini Concerts one would not continue to perform at OMs? That may ease demand perhaps allowing more peopole to play 2 songs at an OM and limit the possible performance anxiety some may have triggered by self-comparison with some of the more accomplished performers.

Much to explore and consider but for sure an idea worth pursuing.

Oh and one last thought, I would not want to advertise this on the JG Newsletter. I would advocate strongly that this remain entirely within the Community, to eliminate it potentially attracting in a flood of new people who engage solely for the opportunity to perform, rather than to be active members of the Community.


Well said sir. Been there done that now have the “regulations” T-shirt. :sunglasses:


Thanks so much @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @DavidP for adding your thoughts and experience to this discussion! So many great ideas and important things to consider, but glad it seems like a possibility at least! :smiley: :+1:
Thanks also for making this into a new thread, David! :hugs:
@Jenndye429’s idea of having a small roster of performers on the night to make that concert-feel, along with your excellent elaborations on that concept @DavidP, sound really exciting and I for one would be front row central! :metal:
Looking forward to seeing how this progresses and again I offer my help in any way that would be useful :slightly_smiling_face:


How cool to see folk wondering how to enhance this already awesome community experience? Especially when the enthusiasm comes from ‘fresh faces’ :sunglasses:

Initial thoughts:

For me a main attraction of the OM is seeing where a bunch of folks I know from the forum are on their journey, putting names to faces and some interaction on the chat or commentary on the post party thread.I’m not sure I would be drawn to watch a session where only a couple of performers were playing multiple pieces.
Once you start playing in a virtual setup, there is no interaction with anyone watching till you finish, so it feels quite like doing a one-take recording.

To a certain extent the format for what is being proposed has already been laid out by none other than our illustrious moderator @DavidP who used to provide us with a one-take recording of the setlist he would play at the open mics he attended, complete with intro and chit chat. I think they were called songs from the playroom or something like that?

That provides the performers with the same experience and allows the (non-live) audience to dip in or out as they wish and not necessarily listen to everything.

I don’t see any necessity for ‘requiring permission’ or such. The mods will pipe up if things go astray. If you want to give it a whirl, I would suggest test-driving it with a handful of performers in their own zoom meeting, recording it and sharing it here, then see what the reaction/demand would be?

Just my two cents, but might save a lot of work and time :smiley:


It’s not too different to the early open mics where the interest in performing was more limited so people then got to play 2-3 songs (as per a normal “live” open mic as David says). Sounds like a reasonable idea with some of the logistics to be worked out in terms of who gets to perform and what’s the selection criteria if we get more than we can accommodate in the agreed time


I’m guessing that it would depend on how often it was being held and variety of performers each community mini concerts. If they were held regularly would there be a risk of them devaluing the current OM setup which the community eagerly anticipates the next one to roll up in to town with its large variety of genres and play grades on show? In saying that a Community Spotlight(s) held in between the OMs does sound interesting.

Another option would be to cut the number of performer slots and have each performer play a new song along with one from their repertoire. That way we get to see the progress they have made on their repertoire song along with a new song they are adding to their repertoire.

You two cents are usually worth a dollar. A good way to judge the appetite would be to do a survey.

I thought the next step up was the live mics that Justin mentioned at Christmas was in the pipeline where he would be streaming live to all his millions of followers?


It certainly wouldn’t be for me…is just the same with your camera/phone in front of your face only with no interaction from audible or visible audience…so the original OM should be more exciting for a lot of people than the Christmas version… .Or you mean ’ in front of Justin himself playing directly exciting’… well I’ve already done that and it will never get worse than that one time with ‘Angie’ :see_no_evil:
There certainly won’t be millions watching it :blush:

If people like this and they want to make the effort, you run the risk of devaluing(not the good explanation) the original open mic, or disinterest of the public in the new one( so a a few times with Brian his option with zoom could save a lot of effort) , but otherwise you will notice that over time and then it can simply be reversed…

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‘Illustrious’ … the hyperbole could be worth the 2cs, Brian :rofl:

Tip my hat to your remarkable recall. I did exactly as you said as a way of practising for live OMs and the full title (thanks to Jethro Tull) was Songs from the Playroom (not the Wood).

While I did do that, there is a little extra spice when one is live on camera, so there may be value for some, as another step towards a live OM.


Maybe, James, though I’d perhaps be more concerned about ‘event fatigue’ from the perspective of just not wanting to spend extra hours in Community events, without it being about the event being special due to limited numbers. Perhaps we are saying the same thing.

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I am just picking some points out among it all and how I could imagine it:

A virtual mini concert, maybe with 1 - 2 - 3 songs each. (Maybe a certain amount of time, as some songs are longer than others).
Certain criteria have to be fulfilled. Since Justin so much emphasize on making our own music, it could be the criteria.
It could be with or without backing track, which of course also should be own creation.
There have to be something like 90% - 100% live guitar play along if using a backing track.
Singing not obligatory, so can be solely instrumental.

It would then be: Justin Guitar Virtual Mini Concert by Composers within the Community.

That I would find very interesting indeed. Also it would give a different type of OM within the community.

Absolutely. As always you word it so so much better. That’s why I don’t write songs.

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Kim I would suspect this would be more along the lines of the current Open Mic. ie
Engaged community members, who have introduced themselves. Posted recording in AOVYP and possibly have performed at a JGC OM. Its more about folk not showing up and asking for a spot on the OMs and not doing anything else here, which happens now and then. That is why we have the current eligibility guidelines.

As to content, it should be anything the performers wish to play. Covers, covers with BTs or original songs as well. But if solely the latter I doubt there would be many takers, as it would exclude many “students” who are not at that level or aspire to write their own work.

2 euros.



@Socio I think … know … you sell yourself short James. You express yourself well in the Community, sound great in your recordings, so I say next time the muse knocks answer the door, let her in, and let your creative juices flow.

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I have a feeling - looking at the comments - that this could get very complicated very quickly. I wonder whether it might be easier for like minded individuals to create their event (maybe using the community zoom license), advertise it for a date and time with a link and that’s it. A bit like a “live” extended AVOYP. No formality around booking a slot as a performer or attendee just people attend the events as they want and like minded performer link up through the community . “If You Build It, He Will Come” so to speak!

I know that from a JG perspective control is lost but I’m not sure it’s a lot different to anyone setting up an event and advertising it here.