What after grade 3

I completed all the Three grades mentioned under ear training module and i see there aren’t any further grades yet. So where do i head next any leads or guidance?

Put the skills you’re learnt to work and start transcribing songs Transcribing | JustinGuitar.com

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Ok will do that i have a question tho what about the sharps and flats and can you tell me how to deduce the chords of a song and the key

Do you know the Major Scale? If you don’t that would be a good place to start. How far have you gotten in Justin’s Beginner Course? If you haven’t at least finished Grade 2 that would also be a goal before moving on.

Ashkay, related to what @stitch has suggested, how much of Practical Music Theory have you done?

I have completed the pmt way back but not the latest chapters if any.

I have completed the classic old Beginners and intermediate course way back

Akshay, I am probably the wrong person to make suggestions about transcribing since I’ve done next to none myself.

So based on what I’ve picked up, try figuring it the bass line. and then look for the note that sounds like home, often the natural finish or start of the song. If that is then the key, you can try the chord in the key for each note in the bass line, using the I ii iii IV V iv mapping of scale degree to major or minor chord. If the song is relatively simple pop or rock ie not lots of modulation, key changes, and slash chords that may work OK.

Hopefully somebody else will come back and either confirm or correct plus add more to help out on your question, appropriate to your musical level.

Ok will try

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